Pre Order the Rose Ave. Bike


  1. You really help H3h3 with filming?  I'm the same age as all you guys.  Regardless of the drama that has happened in the past, still a sub to Bfvsgf, PvP, or whatever!  : )

  2. I really really want it

  3. Dope. I’m getting one.

  4. Avedis Bilemjian

    Love the new bike bro keep it up 👌👌👌

  5. Daddy?

  6. LaughOutLoud295

    woah 😍😍😍😍

  7. Whens the giveaway

  8. Dude pls make more videos

  9. That bike looks dope. Hope I win.

  10. Hook me up! Do you make vids when you've selected a winner ?

  11. Reason I want to win is that my parents yell at me and don't buy anything for me like clothes and don't have anything

  12. Batuhan Şenocak

    Excellent bike man.

  13. Notifications turned on and liked the vid been subscribed for a very long time love your vids

  14. Ive had the same scooter for 7 years and if i get this bike it will be awesome

  15. Phillip Cradden

    I likes it, so I wants it. SIMPLES!!!!!!!!!

  16. Christian Hernandez

    wow so cool

  17. Paul Lavender Jones


  18. Dexter Macmillan

    tht looks dope an wish u did more vids man 🙂

  19. I will like to win that bike and I've been watching your videos and bf vs gf for years. I always wanted to meet you in real life. So please I will like to win that bike.

  20. I don't know why I even bother entering I've never won one thing in my whole entire life. But I guess it's worth a shot I Could See Me Now buzzing around Manhattan hahaha

  21. Lemme get that bike🙄🙄

  22. I would like to have a bike like this, my bike is gone 😮

  23. I hope I win

  24. go back to dating jeana

  25. Done with the steps

  26. Awesome bike

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