What Mountain Bike Should You Choose For Your Riding Discipline?

What Mountain Bike Should You Choose For Your Riding Discipline?


Do you know your cross country bikes from your downhill mountain bikes and your hardtails? Check out our guide on the differences between the types of mountain bike that you’ll find on the market.

Whether you’re new to the sport or really experienced, the fact is that there are now way more different types of mountain bike on the market than there were even a couple of years ago. So, following one of your content requests down in the comments (keep them coming… comment!), we put this video together. Each of the major types of MTB on the market explained, with their key features pointed out.

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  1. Wow canyon really hooked it up with a sponsor😅

  2. I ride a fat tire bike

  3. NickDangerThirdGuy

    Dude, 91 Klein Rascal still riding hard and fast, limbo spider with a 17 small ring on a 91 XTR triple, original Pulstar Hubs 18000 miles and still racking them up, and oh yeah, 22 pounds lol

  4. DOWNHILLL !!!!

  5. i ride a Freeride bike and a Bmx

  6. Hardtail and bmx

  7. What bike is good to do wheelies?

  8. can i have some of your bike im always watching your videos and i dont have bike im your fan from philipines can i have some of you bike

  9. U forgot one a dirt jumper

  10. ahhh I love my 26 inch downhill bike. 27.5 isn't as fun

  11. My bike is an extreme xc

  12. Seemed like alot of high end bikes that people who need an into to bikes would not be getting into…

  13. Picked a nice day to be on Jaywick beach

  14. Do more hardtail videos

  15. I ride hardtail

  16. Alexis Labarthe

    Where is freeride ?

  17. Freeride? Was that the 160mm travel Bike?

  18. Durchgespielt LP

    Hardtail is my life.

  19. fat bike for life

  20. hardtail

  21. The finest trio

    me to

  22. what type of bike is a touring mtb?

  23. Enduro

  24. Been riding hard tails for all my life wanted to try out a full suspension bike but I'm looking for one under £1000 as I'm only 14 and making money is hard at my age .

  25. Ahmed Abdul-Qader

    26 for life

  26. What bike is the red trail?

  27. dirt jump / MTB Street

  28. first

  29. fatbike

  30. i have a hardtail

  31. Sebastian Prestage


  32. What bike is the hardtail? I really want one.

  33. hey guys im almost 6ft and my weight is 77kg full of muscles.I am a downhill rider should I get a 26 inch bike?

  34. Stravinsky960 lalaki

    #askgmbn can you do an unboxing and review of a full suspension fat bike?

  35. PusdienlaikaŠovs

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh commute

  36. 160mm enduro (ghost cagua 5)

  37. Hardtail is Best!!!!

  38. what about dirt jumpers?

  39. i love the hardtail on the street or the trail adventure is its name

  40. Hardtail

  41. Hardtail scott

  42. Enduro rules

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