Verge X10 – Fast and Lightweight Tern Folding Bike

Verge X10 – Fast and Lightweight Tern Folding Bike


The Tern Verge X10 folding bike was designed to be the ultimate combination of lightweight and simplicity while still maintaining a fierce pedigree for speed. One of the ways the Verge X10 achieves such a high degree of performance is by combining a responsive frame with a wide range of gears. By sticking to 10 gears the Verge X10 is very simple to operate. You just click one lever to shift to faster gears and one lever to shift to easy gears. In that way operating the bike is effortless and it lets you spend more time looking at the road and the world around you than down at the gears.

This bike uses a hydroformed aluminum frame to achieve a very light weight without sacrificing ride quality. It uses a SRAM X9 drivetrain for crisp and responsive shifting and it has Kinetix wheels that give the bike zippy an smooth feeling. You wont find a simple and lightweight folding bike that’s better than this one. Tern really nailed it with their Verge X10 folding bike.


  1. Price???plz

  2. wassim wass911

    tanks for the review and it's nice to see u again

  3. I've had a Tern for a couple years and the handle bars have folded down while I was riding too many times than I can count. I've takin to bungie cording the lever shut. To see it is the same on this bike reminds me why I was looking at bikes in the first place.

  4. Two questions: refresh my memory, this is 406 as opposed to 451? Second, say I wanted to convert to a disc brake on the front. I can get a disc brake hub and rim (to match) but is it possible to find a fork that fits this with disc brake tabs? Is it possible to get a Tern disc brake fork for use with this Verge X10?


    too big?

  6. does it contain any front deaulier?

  7. Where did you buy that I like that folding bike

  8. ugh!! just ordered this thing… can't wait for it to be delivered

  9. Jayrold Santos

    WoW your bike it's so beautiful WOW brad do you want give your bike for me ha???

  10. i think peter from bikes and life has been sacked, if you any questions on the verge x10 then i'm your man

  11. Quick, informative and to the point. Thank you.

  12. Geoffrey Welsby

    Hi Peter. Really nice review.. could you please give me some info on the tern node 8.. speed, hills, that though of thing.I really like that bike…

  13. joel Micah Bodegon

    do you have a review on a durable folding bike that can handle a heavy rider?

  14. I just find this channel. It is very nice to see you again in folding bike reviews, Peter!

  15. Hi Peter, I saw a Verge X10 in the flesh & it is one beautiful bike. I was wondering if this bike or the Verge S11i would be suitable for light touring? I like the idea of an easily packable, bike that could either pull a small trailer or carry a light load on a rack. One other question please – Are there differences in the frames of the various Tern Lines? i.e. Verge, Link & Eclipse or are they essentially the same frames with different component levels? Thank you.

  16. How much such a hurry

  17. With a bog-standard derailleur, V-brakes and aluminium frame, this sounds like a 300$ bike.. I was shocked to see it goes for 1500-1600$.

  18. is this electrik

  19. FreeChristianCounseling

    No disc brakes? Homeless persons bike..

  20. do the screws nuts/bolts rust?

  21. Michael Bryant

    I ordered two of these from Peter. I hope to receive them soon.

  22. What happened to your right thumb nail bro?

  23. Friend where was this video, where Parents and in what city, and what the name of this bridge.

  24. Amigo onde foi esse vídeo, em que Pais e em que cidade, e qual o nome dessa ponte.

  25. How much?

  26. Also – at 2:20, what exactly is he trying to say about the rear derailleur? It's actually changing the gears. Yes, they do that. That is what they are for.

  27. Aluminum hydroforming is pretty much standard practice on most modern bike frames, even the lowest end ones now. I don't know why he's talking it up so much. This feels like an ad.

    I mean don't get me wrong, great bike – but I don't see anything critical here, just praise. If they were paid, they should say so.

  28. This is a cool bike. Does anyone know anything about these new Richbit folding cycles from China? They have a similar sporty look but for a fraction of the price.

  29. More beautiful than the Brompton, but less compact and not so good-looking when folded.

  30. Andrea Menzies

    I so want this folding bike, I am a fan of the bike folding.

  31. can you make a bike review about doppelganger folding bikes? thanks

  32. weight?

  33. Its Peter from Nyce Wheel! Love your review in all kind of bikes!

  34. Can the Tern fit into a standard sized suitcase when folded?

  35. Is the seat adjustable??

  36. Sergio Andres Ortiz

    how is climbing?

  37. How heavy is this hike?

  38. lucky the frame/hinges of that Tern did not snap/break into 2..

  39. Francesco Zanolini

    I know Brompton is the best choice (so I've heard) but this bike… wow it's so cool. By far better looking than Brompton to me. I don't feel that "bear on little tricycle" feeling seeing it and it's great. Obviously IMHO.

  40. Cycling fashion is important too. 😉

  41. orange moonglows

    oh hey peter!

  42. man why so much 🙁
    looks like you located in nyc can i test ride that?

  43. So cool to see you again Peter!! I just LOVE this bike… one day it will be mine!!

  44. Dear Peter:
    Brompton and Tern, which is smaller size after folded. Thankyou.

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