Types of Mountain Bicycles

Types of Mountain Bicycles


Center Cycle of Renton WA looks at some of the many different types of mountain bikes that are available on the market.


  1. I cringed throughout the entire video. This guy is cringeworthy.

  2. 26er is great for having fun, they are quicker at accelerating and more nimble better for sharper turns, 29er are good for speed and help smooth out bumps, 27.5er are not that much diferant to 26er and purpose was to save industry face, they should of just admitted they made a error 29er are too big, 26er still the best size

  3. This guy actually knows very very little about mountain bikes and even I know more than just by literally looking at them and this guy shows you the mountain bikes in a way that he thinks everyone has 5k-15k lying around

  4. no mention of 27.5 wheels 😞

  5. You don`t have a clue mate

  6. stylish cycles

  7. poor bikes, they are made for going off road but has been given some street tech on
    (sorry for bad english im german)

  8. I got a green ozone 500 ultra shock mountain bike from Academy and the only problem is that the front and back tires wiggle sooooo much and they are rubbing against the brake so it could wear out quickly so can someone plz tell me how to make the tire not wiggle at all

  9. Mountain Bicycle World

    Awesome this man actually knows

  10. Ayub Ahmed Ayub Ahmed


  11. this guys trying to hide a boner or somthing

  12. Ibraheem Baloch

    i want to buy a bike .want to travel through Khunjerab pass, Pakistan please help me to buy one

  13. that was painful to watch

  14. ATHARV

  15. This guy doesn't even ride

  16. show the junk that ppl csn actually afford

  17. Peter the host rides a m tn bike in the cascades all the time and commutes to work at the shop on a bike daily

  18. nice vedio …. like it

  19. Lovely explanation on ur bikes ok what's the cost of ur all mountain bike

  20. DH bike seat should not be that high…

  21. can someone pls reccomend me a good mountain bike for under 350…for brands like cannondale,trek, specialized, giant etc.

  22. xillent smayal killer

    hey i am searching for the the best cheap mountain bikes so give the name of the best bike that suits me

  23. Angelo Gorriceta

    i got a back with huge wheels because of the potholes in my country..

  24. This guy is a lop. Lol

  25. Sorry he just doesn't sound like he knows what he's talking about

  26. Stefan Markovic

    26 and 27.5 is best for downhill and 29 are to big if you ask me

  27. This guy doesn't know shit about mountain bikes and the components he just tries and sells them and doesn't actually ride one

  28. The reflectors and the seatpost height on the Spezialized Demo leads to a terrible headache

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