Tricks and tips – BMX Set Up: Aaron Ross

Tricks and tips – BMX Set Up: Aaron Ross


Set up your bike!


  1. Where do you get this bike?

  2. Michał Olenowicz

    Hi, I would like to ask about the fluorescent spray, namely I would like to paint aluminum bike frame with bright orange color. Mostly I ride in a heavily forested area, where are various obstacles that may affect the various abrasions of the frame, etc. I would like to know what colorless protective varnish I could use on the final layer covering the bicycle frame to be more resistant to scratches and not drastically affect the bright color. Each paint and varnish can react differently depending on chemical compositions etc I have a request for some specific suggestion as to the lacquer to cover this bright color. Thanks in advance for your help and cordially greet Michał Olenowicz.

  3. The music is annoying.

  4. orange is my favorite color sick bike

  5. name of seat

  6. that bike looks like an orange creamsicle

  7. BADASS! Reminds me of when someone stole your shit and painted everything one color!

  8. I've got the x rated flair bmx

  9. Bike is so ugly

  10. officail un boxing

    That bike looks stupid

  11. Nice carrot 💛

  12. that is disgusting

  13. I want that bike

  14. 2016 Sunday ex plus bike

  15. That thing looks ugly

  16. how come he look like faze jev

  17. TectacleHentaiMonster ま

    Faze jev has a secret life

  18. that is the ugliest bmx I've ever seen

  19. it'd ugly

  20. where can I find that same bike

  21. Love the color

  22. where did you get those wheels?

  23. what size tires should I get?

  24. 2:27 It's Orange

  25. Hey guys i need help.I have a carrera termiinator but it is too heavy to do tricks.What can i do?

  26. olle carnal en cuanto te salio $$$tu bicla

  27. That bike looks like a carrot

  28. perche sto colore

  29. now he just needs an oompa loompa costume

  30. Dude the paint shop called , they're running out of orange.

  31. how many bmx bikes do yo have?

  32. oooooohhhhhhh shit shit shit shit shit:):):):)

  33. Orange Is The New Black

  34. At 1:20 did he say he had a 2011 funday lmao?

  35. 600th like

  36. Hey can you guys tell me if the 2015 Sunday AM Plus Freecoaster Bike is good?

  37. que chinva de bicicleta bmx todos tiene la cabrilla grande y el pequeña como yo 😉

  38. 🙂

  39. sunday funday

  40. Wat is in his brake in frame for the catch the cable of frame????

  41. Can you get those grips but flangeless?

  42. Any one no where to find that stem?

  43. It's not orange enough

  44. I think he likes orange

  45. I love that bike its so happy

  46. how many teeth on your front and rear sprocket?

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