Top 5 – Road Bike Trends 2017

Top 5 – Road Bike Trends 2017


Disc brakes, fat tyres suspension and hyper-niche-ification, 2017 is looking like yet another year of change in the world of drop-bar bicycle riding.


  1. Specialized Roubaix- Praxis cranks and non-sealed bearings in the head suspension unit? Supposed to be a bike for riding in worst weather over cobbles?

  2. disc brakes on road bikes are perfect for riders who ride disc brakes on a.road bike…

  3. Ok, i just put a pair of 700×42 conti kevlar tyres on my cannondale mtb29 and i have all this things…………….No one problem with flat bar, you can put your hands and body on a aerodinamic position on the road, very simple. Easy 34/35 km/h on the road.

  4. Charlie Cartolano

    Fat tires, disc brakes, suspension on road bikes? I think not friends. Those were fancy hybrid bikes you showed not road bikes as in something one would ride on asphalt. Those features are great on trail bikes but if you need them to go fast on the road, you need to work on your skills and fitness.

  5. Where is Eddy Merckx?

  6. i used the discbrake
    it cut my bone

  7. discs are meh. I like the option of 28mm tires, but they are less aero, heavier, and while they brake better, it's nothing you could ever notice unless you are riding in the mud. Caliper brakes are EASILY strong enough to lock your wheels.

    Physics protip, better brakes wont help in that case

  8. Only fat people need suspension on road bikes.

  9. Kalashnikov Cortez

    "aero" bikes using fat tires and disc? I guess this is what happen when fat newbies join the game

  10. Ricardo Figueiras

    Disc brakes on road bikes! Ugly as hell!!Not everybody needs them! Period 😉

  11. disc breaks are too weak

  12. Do you have a comprehensive list of niches?

  13. Speaking of Hyper-niche-ification, isnt a gravel bike basically just an endurance bike but with wider tire clearance????

  14. Enjoyed it guys !

  15. Road bikes only continue to have caliper brakes just to meet the UCI racing requirements of no disc brakes and bikes ridden by the riders must be able to be purchased by anyone. Race on Sunday buy on Monday to drive the sales of rode bikes. Just keep trying roadie, you too can be like an awesome pro rider on the peloton if get all the same stuff as them.

  16. No to disc brakes!

  17. Trending sounds forced, let's hope we can keep the choice of calipers or disc brakes.

  18. i like my bike that s all

  19. If or when someone gets hurt by Disk Rotors you are doing something wrong

  20. Disc brakes are heavy. I was shocked how much a difference it made. This was comparing a new Defy Advanced Disc with Defy Composite rim brakes. I was really shocked and disappointed.

  21. Soundtallica in Chains

    The more I ride my super light carbon CX bike with the trends mentioned here (fat tires and disc brakes) as my all rounder, the more I realize that road bikes and skinny tires are utterly stupid and pointless for anything but Cat 1/2/Pro road racing where marginal gains actually matter. After riding my area for 4+ years, I'm utterly sick of all the pavement in my area, so the fat tires allow me to mix my routes up on dirt with little sacrifice in speed and responsiveness. With a change of tires I can handle Cat 3 racing just fine, and disc brakes are just awesome period. My 15lb Di2 equipped Focus road bike has been gathering dust in my garage for almost 2 years, and I don't feel the slightest bit sorry for it!

  22. 2:41 you would think they would add a mud guard if they're gunna that water bottle setup lol

  23. 2017, road bikes are going to be a lot more like mountain bikes.

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