Top 5 – Pro Road Bikes 2017

Top 5 – Pro Road Bikes 2017


While most of us will never own a pro level race bike, they’re great to drool over and here’s what we think are 5 of the most interesting for 2017.


  1. canyon and trek made in china in same factory.

  2. They are all stunning and very nice, anything top end and out of reach generally is. Nice to read below such a difference of opinions between viewers life would be pretty boring if we were all the same! At least we all enjoy cycling together…generally!

  3. Finally – someone (Specialized) managed to design a bike uglier than a Pinarello 😝.

  4. no focus izalco?

  5. And how many had disc brakes? One! I think we know if the fastest people in the world don't need discs, then neither do the most of us.

  6. Norman Saunders

    Bianchi bikes are always the most stylish.

  7. why do they not have suspension?

  8. Alexandre Henriques

    5- Factor 02: 00:20
    4- Pinarello Dogma: 00:54
    3- Colnago C60: 01:30
    2- Specialized Venge ViAS Disc: 02:09
    1- Canyon Ultimate CF SLX: 02:49

  9. Compact Crank Cycling

    Giant make the best frames

  10. My fave is absolutely the Dogma, but I think the 'Nago is beautiful. There's still a place for the classic look. I'm not sure why all the focus on aero for the standard road bikes now. MOST of these guys spend MOST of their time tucked in a big pack anyway. I can see the "rolling razor blade" look for the TT bikes.

  11. Darren Johnson

    What….No Bianchi Oltre Xr4 for Lotto Jumbo NL….best looking bike ever….the VIAS Venge is butt ugly

  12. I love canyon bikes !

  13. The Specialized aero one-piece stem/handlebar is as ugly as the Pinarello frames.

  14. Cannondale evo and bianchi xr 4 are better than Canyon . Not even a mention lol another sponsored channel lol

  15. Are there any differences in years of the same model bike.. aside from the color scheme? The Tarmac hasn't been updated in years!

  16. factor is the ugly bike like giant budget level

  17. Is there anything Italian left that Germans didn't buy and make it better?

  18. Specialized Venge, the Lamborghini Aventador of bike world!

  19. thair alexander

    I know its a brand not talked about much but can a review on the new felt Fr 1 be done?

  20. Supanat Wongpaikul

    Any Dogma f10 review?

  21. Simon Digregorio

    a note able omission in my eyes is the cervelo s5 from dimension data.

  22. Jamie Schaefer

    her voice…

  23. Canyon SRAM have the best bike and the best kit! I love it!

  24. I have a Trek Emonda… and love it. That is all.

  25. Specialized build quality shonky despite nice design

  26. Giant TCR Advanced SL is the best bike on the planet !

  27. The Colnago looks completely obsolete. Old school geometry, almost round tubes, no oversized bottom bracket, no monocoque construction. Compared to the Venge vias it looks like there is a 30 years difference.

  28. Andrew Hoffman

    Wow yes drooling on my budget. Love the Pinarello and the Colnago but. My head belongs to Specialized with the disc brakes.

  29. buy replica

  30. My bicycle masters boardwalk and quagmire with aplomb

    @ 1:50 "…fittingly Italian" … "Made in Germany"

  31. Finally a english presenter that know how to pronounce "campagnolo" the right way

  32. think I am gonna go for sram wirless system on my future bike, less cables is always good.

  33. the sweet voice just make me finish the video . Is the voice from girl?

  34. xristos kalandrias

    bye bye FOCUS..

  35. When is Canyon bikes coming to the USA???

  36. Imran - World Cyclist

    Canyon.. Best looking bike?
    I don't think so!

  37. neologisticzand

    Colnago is using a german power meter, so that and the pedals aren't italian

  38. What's The Cost Of These (Just For Knowledge)

  39. Daily dose of bike pr0n never hurt anybody.

  40. very first

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