Top 5 – Mountain Bikes

Top 5 – Mountain Bikes


If you’re looking for a new off road ride, you’ll be glad to know there’s no shortage of exciting technology coming to the market. Here’s a look at five of the most interesting mountain bikes for 2016.


  1. Unknownuser 123

    Why are these bike so much

  2. My current mountain bike is way to heavy for stunts. Can someone point me in the direction of a light, portable but good on offroad MTB? (Budget under £800)

  3. Im going to buy a kona preception 150, is it good? I'm a beginner in DH/MTB and that's going to be my first enduro/mtb bike.

  4. Ismail El-Shalh

    I am seeing this video again!!! This is not good

  5. ibis should be in there.

  6. Ismail El-Shalh

    I am pulling my hair!!! … I am engineer with 15 years of experience and i can't afford one of these bikes … WTH!!!! cry baby cry baby

  7. Sir anonymous

    Happy mother's day!!

  8. Patrick Guerrisi

    why do all these have angled top bar frame? I thought they were female bikes, and the one with a straight horizontal frame were male bikes? Not being stupid its a serioues question I am just getting interested in bikes

  9. Samuel Garcia

    can you please do a review on cannondale trail series. thanks in advance…

  10. mini dwarfdude

    I have a Carrera Vengence and I love it so much

  11. I just realized that my bike price doesn't belong here

  12. Jason NOT Bourne

    I need to go to one of these bicycle shows.

  13. I'm wary about the longevity of that rubberized part on the BMC. Where I live rubber tends to harden, crack, crumble, and rot when exposed to the elements.

  14. Some people have suck some dick to be able to efforts this shot. I will pay money for bj.

  15. Missed the prices on these bikes you fucktard!!!

  16. If you want a nice bike under 500$ is GIANT TALON 3!

  17. what about YT Jeffsy 27.5. its a trail weapon

  18. Alexander Olazabal

    where's Specialized? its a good brand too

  19. Cheruvathala Nivasi



    I want to buy a fat mountain bike in India 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 plzzz tell….

  21. Sachin Thananthan

    not in india

  22. Marko Mirkovic

    Evil price?

  23. great vid mates.. i wish there are prices for all of them. Otherwise, thumbs up.

  24. Bob Outélama

    Flops 2016 :
    #1 : Price/performance ratio
    #2 : Mountainbike press neutrality
    #3 : Frame design originality
    #4 : Your mom
    #5 : New standards

  25. What about TIMAON

  26. Transition produced the Covert 26 and Covert 29 in carbon. They may have also offered the Bandit in carbon but I could be mistaken on that.

  27. erkan yılmaz

    Hi.@BikeRadar which is the most cheap enduro bike?$

  28. Iron Platypus

    That dune bike looks like a pure beast.

  29. I ride the yeti sb5

  30. I was here for the Mondraker

  31. How much ?

  32. Edward Oliver

    "yetaaaaaaaaaaaay! "

  33. how much does all of these MTB cost?

  34. marshmello even more marshmellos


  35. Pick cap better vote.

  36. how much the evel

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