Top 5 Cheapest Budget Mountain Bikes. What Features To Look For At 500$ Price.

Top 5 Cheapest Budget Mountain Bikes. What Features To Look For At 500$ Price.


Budget Bikes On Sale
Best MTB upgrades: https
Best and worst road bike upgrades
How to spot a bad beginner bike
Main problems with cheap suspension fork


  1. Budget Bikes On Sale:

    Best MTB upgrades:

    Best and worst road bike upgrades:

    How to spot a bad beginner bike:

    Main problems with cheap suspension fork:

  2. I make my own mtb 26" progress whells /1×11 xt all Komponents /deore disk brake/ trek elite 8.8 frame / 10.2 kg/ roch Shox reba dual air/ 800 € !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will never buy this internet garbage !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. SenseiGichinFunakoshi

    what about Specialized Rockhopper 29 3×8 500€

  4. KTM AERA or Ultra 5.65

  5. what do you think about KHS sixfifty 500 for 2016

  6. Would the ghost Kato 5 not be better than all of these for that money as it has an air spring and a full deore drivetrain

  7. Damn bro I'ma Just go to some yard sales this shits expensive

  8. I just got a $700 hardtail, with 3×7 tourney and coil suspension. I've seen better bikes for almost the same price, so did they got us scammed or??

  9. good video was very entertaining

  10. My $550 bike has a 2×10 so what you said about not having a 2x drivetrain is not necessarily true. It also has Shimano Deore front and rear derailleurs.

  11. why is the diamondback hook not on your list?

  12. My question would be: Can hardtails be used for tricking a bit? Should I just buy a Dirt Jump bike or BMX instead? What Hardtail would you recommend under 1000 Euros? Thanks a lot in advance if you answer this..I would appreciate it. Dziekuje bardzo? 😀

  13. Sudeep P Nambiar

    Hey, What are your options on Polygon bikes? I'm not if they are available at your place. But if you have any info, please do share.

  14. 2017 Giant FATHOM 29er 1 LTD for 1,045 us dollar on my locale. Is it good buy? has 2×11 new slx

  15. I would look for a second hand bike. You can get much better bikes for the same money. Lots of people buy bikes with good intentions to go ride often but stop using them after a couple of rides. Good video tho!

  16. I need your opinion. I'm looking to upgrade my 29er hardtail mountain bike with 2.10 tires and what i had in mind was adding drop bars to it, I've seen a few mtb's with drop bars and they look SICK. I was thinking about buying drop fork and keeping my shimano xt shifters just adding road bike brake levers, and then tape it of course. So can you guys tell me what you think about doing this?

  17. BMC makes a sport elite with sr suntour shock(i upgraded them to rockshox) continental race king tires hydrualic disc brakes(by shimano) and the rest of the components like drive train is shimano alivio

  18. Hello SickBiker ! I own a B'Twin Rockrider 560 from Decathlon ( and I feel like this bike deserve a place in your top 5 budget bike ! What do you think ? Tell us your opinion about Decathlon's bikes in a next video!

  19. That clip was ride on spot because i am looking for cheep mountain bike. But i was surprised that there was not Cannondale trail 6. Here in Finland it cost 599e.

  20. 300is for mybugget

  21. As a random thought, when doing screen capture work, minimise the taskbar or (in chrome) press F11 for fullscreen mode. It looks better and is not as distracting. Otherwise good video as usual

  22. I have a Scott Aspect 940 29er. It's a great bike and I paid £450.00 for it. For the money I got beautifully designed green, black and white aluminium Scott frame, 29 inch wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, a suntour XCM front suspension fork, shimano altus shifters, and a 9 speed shimano alivio rear deraileur. Scott have made this bike look like it's high end bikes. The design of the frame and green, black and white paintwork have made the bike look like a carbon frame design. I like the welding where the bottom tube meets the top tube near the handlebars….older entry level bikes did not have any welding here just a curved design. Scott make great entry level budget bikes that can be used for leisure riding or as transport to get to work. I use my Scott mountain bike for both journey to work and leisure riding. I take care of it and clean it so the components do not wear out quickly because the components are only beginner. Great bike for £450.00

  23. Coil spring is a bad choice, because for heavier rider, will have to buy a new spring, because the springs that come stock are pretty soft, and are for kids or adults with almost no muscles. the green Kona and the Jamis has Shimano brakes that are too flexible and will leak when braking hard.

    The the cheap Sr suntour forks have useless seals, that wear out in matter of weeks, the forks are too flexible, and nessesary adjustment for a stable ride.

    The Shimano resin only rotors are useless, if you use metal pads it takes 4 weeks to wear them out, unless you sue resin pads, which wear out 4 weaks, So semi metallic or metallic/sintered are the best choice.

  24. They Live We Sleep

    hey danny can you explain the difference in front fork between stantion and lowers being one above the other and vice verse like you have on your merida xc

  25. Hey dude, I love your videos. And hopefully you could assist me with some advice? I bought a Trek Marlin 7 and 6. One for myself and one for my wife. Unfortunately we don't get much option when it comes to cheap mountain bikes and international brands here in SA. So my question to you: What would you change on the Marlin 7 first? And what would you add to the bike if you had choice? My main focus on this bike has been about 40% enduro and 60% downhill. I'm also sticking to platform pedals for now. Please let me know your thoughts if possible. Again, big fan! Love your videos.

  26. ghost kato 1 29 with a groupset upgrade and a better fork is a decent hardtail for 800-900€

  27. Motobecane X5 29 Plus, $499, free shipping. No suspension, good hydraulic brakes.

  28. Szajbajku. Dzięki- nie dość, że o rowerach. To jeszcze z nauką angielskiego :))

  29. #1 thing i would look for is a tapered fork (headtube) #2 142x12mm or Boost rear axle…… then you have a frame that is worth upgrading as you progress

  30. I got my beginners mountain bike last moth – a full suspension, with Sram X5 2×10, RockShox Recon 120mm fork, RockShox Monarch RL 120mm rear shock and some Shimano hydaulic disc brakes for 750 euros. Some Bulgarian manifacturer you never heard of.

  31. Hi, I personally think Canyon "GRAND CANYON AL 3.9" is a very good choice also. And the price is also good. What do you say?

  32. I think we are living in the golden age of mountain bikes. Even budget bikes have Maxxis tires and disc brakes.

  33. Why do people always skip GT? Their Pantera line of bikes are great. I have the 2017 Pantera Comp 27.5 PLUS..great bike and has options found on more expensive bikes..ALSO Raleigh Tokul 2 and 3 are great bikes..broaden your views people..

  34. They should do budget mtbs with rigid fork. Could be very use full riding dirt and gravel roads in the woods.

  35. My diamondback myers 2.0(2016 model) was 3000zl, about 710 euros, with a sektor solo air 140mm travel fork, 1x11sp with sram GX cassette 10-42T, shifter and derailleur, and hydraulic avid disk brakes. I think that was a pretty good deal…

  36. You can have a bike for £200 that is a budgit bike

  37. Vitus Nucleus or Diamondback Hook/Overdrive are on the higher end off
    this budget but thei offer way better components and the geometrie and
    are better suited for trail/all-mountain riding. A real trail bike like one of these will give a beginner a lot more confidence than a cheap xc bike.

  38. pls do medium price best mtb

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