Top 5 BMX Bikes Brand In The World – Best BMX Bikes 2017

Top 5 BMX Bikes Brand In The World – Best BMX Bikes 2017


BMX Top 5 best bike brands , mountain bikes, best bmx bikes 2017 mountain bike for cycling – BMX bikes (mountain bike) are trusted by some of the world’s best bike riders. Dirt/Street BMX bikes are perfect for dirt riding or storming through town. If you are looking for best BMX bikes brand then top 5 list presents the list of top 5 best bmx bikes brands in the world of the year 2017.

Whether you are shopping for a BMX bike for freestyle, dirt, all-terrain riding, cruising with the family or BMX Racing, you can see the video by top 5 list once. From entry-level BMX bikes, ready-to-ride pro-level BMX completes or race-ready BMX bikes for the track. We have BMX bikes for all skill levels that you may need. Top 5 most popular/best overall bmx bikes brand of the year 2017, Best road/street bikes brands and most popular bmx bikes brand are :

1. Wethepeople
Wethepeople Based in Cologne, Germany, Wethepeople is a brand for true BMX fans. The designers are BMX riders who put their passion for the sport into every detail, producing well-crafted complete bicycles, frames, and apparel. Freestyle riders get the best from the Curse 20, with its faster gearing Salt 26t sprocket and Salt Strike tires. Cruisers can ride the Atlas 24, which has anodized parts and a choice of 24 wheels to suit trails, parks, or streets.

2. Fitbikeco
Fitbikeco Another brand of BMX products designed by enthusiastic riders, Fitbikeco manufactures one of the top ranges of well-tested complete bikes, frames, and components. The Dugan Sig is wild BMX rider Tom Dugan’s signature model. It features a full chromoly frame, fork, and bars with Fit Savage grips and removable brake mounts. The Fit 18 is a more affordable ride, with an integrated headtube and Junior Platform PC pedals.

3. Haro Bikes
Haro Bikes Bob Haro started his BMX business in 1978 after the racer spent some time as an artist with BMX Action magazine. Continuing to produce top freestyle rides, Haro Bikes celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Haro Freestyler by making a limited-edition, first-generation frame and fork set using the original blueprints to create historically accurate parts.

4. Stolen Bikes
Stolen Bikes Owned by riders, Stolen Bikes makes complete BMX bikes as well as parts, including the Legend 16-inch, with a hand-welded frame and TIG welded handlebars. The adjustable padded seat offers BMX riders a little comfort too.

5. DK Bicycles
DK Launched in Dayton Ohio in 1979, DK produces BMX bikes, parts, and gear. The brand’s iconic, lightweight RM59 frame, inspired by gold medal-winning Robbie Miranda, features heat-treated chromoly and a Euro bottom bracket.

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  7. 1. Sunday
    2. Cult
    3. Subrosa
    4. Fit
    5. Haro

  8. 5:wethepeople
    honorable mentions



    honorable mentions

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    dk bikes sucks
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