In todays upload i explain the best BMX bikes on the market in my opinion. This video is completely opinion based so if you guys have ANY other different opinions PLEASE leave them in the comments below and ill be so happy to read them!:) If you guys haven’t already feel free to subscribe for more videos like this and leave some feedback below for more! Thanks for watching homies


  1. Shawn Campbell

    I have a 2017 wtp crisis, and it is the best bike I have ever ridden. Handles flips and double whips no problem.

  2. How do I know what parts will fit together for a custom?

  3. what about mafia

  4. Tony Brunetti

    Is wethepeople nice

  5. Liam Swepstone

    Division bikes are sick

  6. nice breakdown.

  7. I own a 99 robisons raceing bike thats worth over 5k total with all the mods on it

  8. Griffen Holwerda

    I have a kink whip i just got, could you give your thoughts about it?

  9. Zander Craghead

    I found a Sunday bike I liked it 300$ exact it's the Sunday blueprint 2018

  10. alexia mendoza

    it is hard fiding a bmx bikes

  11. I have a 2017 Sunday Scout. A1 quality bike💪💪💪💪💪 everything is sealed, $400

  12. You got us all wrong😂😂😂 sorry

  13. unfun ???

  14. W Mufffintop W

    Why can't I find the "2017 sunday forecaster mark burnett bike"

  15. Gavin Maxwell

    I would suggest checking Craigslist. there are always really expensive bmx bikes on there for less than 300$ I got a eastern reaper complete almost brand new for 190$ on Craigslist. good place to check if you don't have a lot of money to spend on a new bike

  16. Is the brand framed sell good bmx bikes?

  17. i have a 2016 GT performer i would deffinetly recommend it.

  18. Ethan Bridwell

    I got a mafia bikes I wish I saw this video first

  19. srry for late comment, are eastern bikes any good ? i have to decide between eastern and stereo .

  20. Someone pls help me. I am new to this, I race dirtbike and want something to ride around the track with but I want something I can ride on the concrete at my house and just ride around my neighborhood but I want it to be super easy to pedal, my mountain bike is way to hard to ride around for fun. I don't know? Pls help me into what category I need to shop in and what bike?

  21. kink all the way ! i started on the kink launch 2017 it was an amazing bike, never had any problems. the frame lasted 6 and a half months till it finally snapped after a 180 off a loading dock. for a 100% hi tensil steel frame, it sure did last a while !?

  22. Dylan Majewski

    I got a fit and it's awsome

  23. Opiates Have you itching son

  24. Do you recommend vintage bmx?

  25. TheK1llerNacho

    I got a kink launch earlier this year. Its a nice bike until you ride it for a couple weeks then all of the parts start to break down. Such as the headset which i had to replace the first month, rear hub not functioning 100%, BB is all fucked, sprocket is getting deformed and the pedals snapped in half. So basically i spent $300 on a training bike until i actually man up and put a grand into a bike.

  26. saw a awsome bmx/mountain bike for 440$ but i am 11 but i might get one for 140, i know it is cheap but i got time to fix it if i need to fix it, do you think it would be work it

  27. The bmx Official


  28. I'm looking to buy a bmx bike and my budget is £230 ($295)

  29. Do u recommend subrosa completes and is it bad if I have a semi sealed back hub

  30. GoPro And Gaming

    Tbh if your just learning to drop in and jump and air out and spine and that stuff mafiabikes madmain for £225 or kush 2+ for £190 are actually decent. I still ride a mafia for tricks and flips and it holds up well, but have decided to get meself a tall order frame and fork but use all the mafia parts

  31. Butchered Mouse

    I'm gonna buy the 2016 WTP Crysis, is it worth it?

  32. Its_Storm_Boi

    even tho its old i feel your pain i broke my leg and i mtb all the and bmx but my bike got stolen and i need a new lol

  33. I have a shitty haro 300.3 With a eastern blk wide bars, green shadow conspiracy stem and a Primo tony neyer sprocket buying some new Cult tires checkered board sidewall and painting my frame gloss black making progress 🙂

  34. Leticia Guerrero

    Whats the bike with the brown wheels in the thumbnail

  35. Is mongoose any good

  36. he on the percs lol

  37. Do you think the 2018 KINK LAUNCH BIKE $329.95 would be a good bike for bmx

  38. jonathan owens h22

    what do you guys think about the Redline asset 20in ?

  39. FlatWoodz BMX

    colony all the way bro. I know this is an older video, but colony all the way!!

  40. I'm sorry not sorry but this vid is just horrible, it's just unorganized talking. Don't call the video best bikes and not give us a list.

  41. TaliyyTopBinz

    How yall sit on bmx seats they rape me all the time

  42. pro gamer noob

    you can also use chain reaction cycles

  43. None of yo Bitness

    What about a 60$ Walmart bike😄

  44. Ppl who flex on a stock lol.

  45. cameron berkeley


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