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  1. Mr Jester4401

    redline is a sweet bike to the random is very nice for the price

  2. do u have to make the video so long man

  3. I have a wethepeople justice

  4. I found a 2012 Fit Inman 3 around me it is in like perfect condition! The guy wants 200$ for it would it be a good bike for me to start?

  5. cough cough John hicks intro cough

  6. Guess u search a bikes for middle advanced riders. If not I can't believe u didn't tell nothing about Sunday Soundwave 2017 or about WTP Envy 2017 those are the best available bikes in the world. Also they cost VERY much.

  7. Hey is a kink curb bike 2018 from danscomp a good beginner bike

  8. Witch website did you get the wethepeople trust from because the wethepeople website doesn't link to the website to by the bike. It is having issues getting to the website that you can by the bike from. 😭 Sorry for all of the words. 😲

  9. Im stuck between the 2017 cult devotion, 2017 we the people crysis and 2016 haro plaza. What would you recommend?

  10. Stop with the same song

  11. Daniel Mathieu

    like your name

  12. I'm broke af I can't afford any of these

  13. I'm getting back into biking. I'm older now but the buzz is still there. But I like all the bikes a bit pricey but what is a good bike to start with that has a decent price and won't break down so easily. Something sturdy.

  14. Brandon Tucker

    in your opinion what's the best bike to get. Thanks

  15. i really wanna buy the mark burnett Forecaster bike, havent found a single review on the bike on the internet

  16. Rhys Greenwood

    Why would you put the Sunday bike as one of the best bikes if it has hi tensil Steel in
    No bike is a good bike if it has hi tensil steel, no hating just saying😁
    Great vids by the way.

  17. andres iturbide

    I have a 2017 wethepeople trust. I bougth it on octuber and it is awsome. It hasent given me any problem. I started to BMX on this bike and it helped on the tricks now I can do 360 on flat, bunny hop barspins, kickflips, footjam tailwhips, 180 to backwards feeble, toohtpick hangers , etc. It deserves to be in a higher place. I recomend it.

  18. Wow cool I own a Cult Devotion 😀

  19. Jamoneros al Ataque

    I like your videos

  20. Jamoneros al Ataque


  21. Jamoneros al Ataque

    I did not write that

  22. Jamoneros al Ataque

    U r a bitch

  23. where are the videos at?

  24. Good video

  25. another great video

  26. hey whats ur opinion about the sunday blueprint cause im getting that or do u have any other alternative for that price range>

  27. love your vids man ! hope i also win the giveaway

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