Top 10 Most Successful Road Bikes – GCN’s World Tour Of Bikes

Top 10 Most Successful Road Bikes – GCN’s World Tour Of Bikes


The best performing race bikes and bike manufacturers, ranked according to our very own Maths Genius’s complex algorithm. That’s right!

We’ve often done a best performing race bikes of the year video. But, in 2016 we wanted to step things up. With the help of one of GCN’s data geniuses, we took things up a few levels. Revamped UCI WorldTour points, fairer ratings for Tour de France stage victories and major one day races and more… The result? This video, where we rank the top 10 pro cycling race bikes of the year – from Canyon to Specialized, Giant to Pinarello, and, the top 5 bike manufacturers of the year. This is not just an opinion piece, this is a quantifiable, provable ranking system.

Now, we are absolutely certain that you have questions, so, let us know down in the comments and we will explain in more detail in the New Year!

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This video also raises a slightly awkward question… Maybe aerodynamics and lightweight aren’t the only things that win bike races? Chip in with your thoughts on that in the comments, too.

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  1. where's Colnago?

  2. No Bianchis? Are they just all panache and name and no performance?

  3. loving the shows! very well put together with a great blend of humour and information! What about covering an episode on those of us that run and cycle as a means of keeping fit, does and donts kind of thing? And maybe another for those of us in early 50s health considerations trying to minimise the damage of getting older but wanting to maintain a good level of fitness?

  4. where is trek ?…. most expensive bike in that list is pinarello

  5. Jonas Kobbert

    and now devide all Points by Dollar spent 😉

  6. In this video GCN gives us a list of 10 bikes non of us will ever want to buy.

  7. Where is the Ridley noah?

  8. Dongma f8 vs trek madone 9.5 which is better stuff??

  9. Shilpa Mhatre

    hey im chaitanya
    i am a cyclist. should i buy GIANT TCR SLR 2 ???

  10. Renéth Anoche

    I know this is off topic but how about making a network exclusive for track cycling and talk about track bike specs and racing details?

  11. absolutMac - Tipps und Tutorials rund um Apple Produkte

    I would say, the question would be, if Peter Sagan was riding something else, than Specialized bikes (like he did before with Cannondale), would the bikes eventuall not matter? I mean, the best bike is only as good, as its driver 😉

  12. Swapnil Rogye

    Great Stats! I Strongly Agree!

  13. Whay about women's bikes?

  14. I guess Trek didn't do so well

  15. Wow I was expecting trek or cannondale to be in top 10

  16. Steven Rodriguez

    And Bianchi Oltre xr4?

  17. there should be more points for winning the tour de france

  18. more detail please !!!

  19. Can you guys do a similar list for womens bikes?

  20. Want that Pinarello Dogma F8 in Team Sky colors…sick!!!

  21. would have been good to have a top 5 for time trial bikes too :/

  22. How come the Cervelo ranks so highly when DDD has been disastrous ranking last in the world tour?

  23. S-works Tarmac is my favorite bike hands down. And I have owned/ridden a lot of them.

  24. what about Merida Reacto?

  25. Gents, I've been riding forever and then some. This year I picked up a S-Works Venge and put Etap on it. It is without doubt, the fastest bike I have ever ridden. I think I could always sprint, and I might not be as fast as I was 25 years ago, but my oh my, it certainly feels that way.

  26. Do you have video introduce most successful bike lights?I'm very interested in it.

  27. I'm good with this list.

  28. Max Mustermann

    Why is BMC not using the more aerodynamic timemachine TMR01?

  29. How about working out which shoe manufacturer won the most races?

  30. Jeremy Sweeten

    Good job, Trek!!  You missed the list. >:(


    Hey guys, my question is, does this list also serve as a ranking of the best bikes in the world? Why don't we see more exclusive boutique manufacturers such as Parlee, Cippolini, and Storck on these lists? They bill themselves as the best of the best. If this was true, wouldn't the top cyclists ride them? Or if they don't, is this more about the politics of sponsorship and economic muscle? Thanks! Love these videos.

  32. Top 5 tires?!?! 😉

  33. noann adilson

    spezialized tarmac. I got one

  34. And the top woman's race bikes are?? … asking for a friend

  35. What about top 10 best riders

  36. of course the Specialized S-Work Tarmac.
    I wonder how that frameset can even be improved…

  37. No Trek ?! … Emonda…..

  38. Doug Hungerford

    I completely agree with your analysis for the number one bike but I would have expected the Trek Madone to have placed? But at the end of the day, Its not the bike, Its the rider.

  39. I remember when bianchi's were cool…. 😢

  40. I suck big dicks and I can not lie.

  41. So my own bikes did a good job. Coming in at place 5 and 4. Nice to know. Thanks GCN

  42. Wouter van der Laan

    nice video guys! I was wondering whether your statistics include which manufacturer was involved in most crashes during pro races??

  43. what the most exotic bike on production now n uci legal.

  44. Gcn you should do a gcn sportive

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