Top 10 Budget Road Bikes For Beginners + Review. Best Deals Of Entry Level Bikes. SickBiker Tips.

Top 10 Budget Road Bikes For Beginners + Review. Best Deals Of Entry Level Bikes. SickBiker Tips.


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  1. what about these BRISTOL 3.0 DISC,TURINO COMP DISC,TURINO EXPERT DISC ALUMINUM,Gravity Avenue D,Motobecane Gran Premio S ???

  2. What do you think about Motobecane?

  3. Do you have a 2017 version of this list? Thanks!

  4. Are road bikes good for beginners? I'm 60 an want to begin cycling thanks

  5. Артём Смык

    This is full carbon bike for same money with super specs.

    What is your opinion on B'TWIN bikes?

  6. I wonder why B Twin Triban 520 was not mentioned? 🙂

  7. patrick pelissier

    Hi I am looking for a really nice bike I am very confused but I am a beginner and I really need a goof bike also I don't know if u can help me.

  8. Zoe Janel Ignacio

    hey try to review the giant contend 2 2017 i just bought 500 + dollars
    it is 875 dollars new
    in the Philippines

  9. Why put the Pinnacle bike in the video if you don't recommend it?

  10. Holy crap you have so much tab open…

  11. I heard don't get anything under a ten speed set. is this true???

  12. you said BUDGET! I guess this is budget for rich people. what's regular people budget? can you find some decent ones for the average Joe beginner and maybe what modifications one could make on bikes from $125 to $250? for example… if I got a bike for $140 buying what kind of new tires would upgrade the bike?

  13. Which one out the 10 bikes you would buy for yourself ??

  14. can you tell me which websites can I buy these bikes ???

  15. That's the nice thing about road bikes, they can be bought cheap. And you can ride just as fast on a $1000 road bike as a $5000 bike. I've ridden for over 20 years and am just as happy on a cheap bike as a fancy bike. Though for mountain bikes it is a little different.


    Do u guyz have any centre in India assam

  17. any opion on the pinnacle neon 4 2017, its a flat bar hybrid?

  18. Arvin Faustino

    What's frustrating to see is that these well-known bike companies still equip their entry level bikes with a square-tapered bottom bracket.

  19. kimberly Torrealba

    Hi Danny, Someone is selling me a Cannondale Synapse with mechanical disc brakes. Bike is like in brand new condition and is asking me for $500 USD. Is it a good deal? Also, I am 5'7" and the bike is size 51; does it fit me? I have never road biking.

  20. super duper helpful! thanks👍🏼

  21. Big Man Small World

    I'm a big fat guy, almost 400lbs. I want a road bike, have been pointed at the specialized diverge a1. Don't know about that. Any tips?

  22. Kenneth John Dangaran

    what do you think about TRINX TEMPO 1.0? I got it for 200 bucks.

  23. No Tammaso??? They got like all shimano stuff for 600-700 USD

  24. Swapnil Sudhir Kashikar

    coo list. but sadly here in India these are way costlier. would love to have on of these for the price shown.

  25. Graeme Ritchie

    I ride the 2014 Fuji Sportive 1.3 with Tiagra components, 28mm tyres, disks and the standard 11-32 cassette. It's not the lightest of bikes but it's built for comfort rather than speed. I've done around 10 x 100 mile rides on this and it holds its own very well. This is now my winter training bike due to its robust nature. As long as you clean the bike regularly and get it serviced it will last you years. Great video

  26. After watching this review, I bought Fuji Sportif 2.3 for 589 and rode about 500 miles.
    it is a really great road bike for beginners 🙂

  27. Great video, but few if any of these bikes are available anywhere much less the US. It would be great if you updated this video and included bikes that are readily available.

  28. Plz review btwin 720 af

  29. Renz Bryan Encarnacion

    great video

  30. Jovie Zhayne Obar

    Trinx 2015?

  31. I'm in the process of buying a Giant contend 3. what are your thoughts on these?

  32. how about emc r2.8?

  33. how about emc r2.8?

  34. wow this is a really nice video thank you 😀

  35. What do you think about the Diamondback Century Road Bike – 2016 ? Thanks

  36. Smug caucasoid

    Really excellent video mate. I've been looking at buying my first road bike for a week or so now. But I never had a clue what Is considered decent and what is not. Thanks 😉

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