Top 10 Best ELECTRIC BIKES 2017

Top 10 Best ELECTRIC BIKES 2017


10 Most Amazing Electric Bike Inventions, e-bikes You Must See

10- VANMOOF, Electrified
9- Teague, Denny, is the future bicycle
8- Lopifit, Meet the Worlds First Walking Bicycle
7- Fun Comfort Performance Low Impact – ElliptiGO, Elliptical Bike
6- Electric, Juggernaut, Introduction
5- MC2, Bike AD5
4- Audi Electric Bike
3- Ono Archont, e-bike S
2- VW, Electric Bicycle, Concept
1- Mando Footloose, IM e-Bike – smart simple stylish

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  1. Top 10 most abstract, useless bikes ever.

  2. Smart Gagdets Technology

    what's with the 1930's design 🙁


    if you're a grease monkey or someone who loves gas motors get a motorized bicycle. They're cheaper, faster, and cooler.
    the only downsides are that they need to be tuned every so often, I got a 2 stroke 66/80cc motorized bicycle

  4. I have an electric bike called leg power

  5. Bhupendra Joshi

    no fully information.

  6. aodi ….. tooo good

  7. Marianna Zdrazilova


  8. audi yeahhhh

  9. You will not be able to leave the bike unattended in Rotterdam. So i call bs on this one!

  10. No specifications..? No price..? The Audi bike counts in on 15000 Euro..! I can get a fucking good used car for the money.

  11. Started off ok but lost me on the last three… to much art, not enough bike.

  12. SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ

    Stopped video after first bike. No specs or cost given.

  13. Mohamed Lamine Dieng

    audi 👊🏻👊🏻

  14. gooni goo goo

    lopifit has to be the stupidest bike ever. by walking, a person is constantly shifting body weight. this will be very difficult to negotiate turns. this one was not thought through, or the person who designed it is just looking for funding

  15. ne macke hasse

  16. elliptigo isn't even electric. gg.

  17. michael diaconu

    Why the Yike Bike is missing from this top? I think that's the best electric bike.

  18. Elnur Huseynzade


  19. I would only buy the Audi bike

  20. therealknapster

    There just terrible 😮

  21. Awesome

  22. What even is the point of eBikes? People with disabilities, I understand, otherwise its just extra weight at three times the price of a performance bike.

  23. xD the MC2 Thing….it Looks so uncomfortably and expensive

  24. # 9 the winner !!

  25. of course audi is gonna make a bike

  26. Tristan Nicholson

    that was really your number 1 choice? a 15 second ad with a fucken seat that looks like a giraffes neck that's been drenched in more white than a fucking Christmas cartoon!?

  27. Electric Boogaloo

  28. losse

  29. Philip Danzinger

    Why do like all of these make you look like a retard?

  30. Mental Mercury

    just stopped by to say electric bikes are fucking gay

  31. Yogesh Badgire

    For those who came for Audi Bike:

  32. We The People

    I'm sorry? Did this video's title say "The most idiotic little electric pieces of junk of 2017"?
    No mention of the Bultaco? WTF. Everything in this video is just JUNK. I mean i have been researching electric bikes and there are some really awesome electric bikes available these days….. NONE of which are in this dipsh*t video

  33. Top 10 Ridiculous e-bikes

  34. The Denny bike never made it into production – sadly enough.

  35. Akashic Records

    shity 10 I can find better oput of them 10 only 3 were nice

  36. What about Mr.Garrisons bike.!?!?

  37. A waste of time.

  38. Who the f… will ride an elektric biker for getting in shape, they are just for lazy peopel who want to show off

  39. No 10th and Audi… rest of doesn't looks like a proper bicycle.


    trying to re-invent the bike again just isn't going to catch on.

  41. RedBull met een rietje, mietje!

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