Specialized enduro
Trek Slash
Santa Cruz Nomad
Giant Reign
Yeti SB66
Pivot Firebird
Intense UZZI
Rocky Mountain Slayer
Cannondale Jekyll
Aaron GWIN


  1. Good.

  2. Mohd Zuki Mohd Rashid

    how come my hummer not in the list?

  3. iit

  4. veronica rajendran

    whatever mach city ibike is the cheap & best

  5. this video is based on your opinion…….. best bikes are based on preformance not looks and price so think about considering other newer models that can outpreform these mtb's

  6. pffff wheres diamondback release 3?

  7. the sun bird is also mountain biycycle

  8. super…$$$$$€€€

  9. Half of those "all mountains" are enduro like the specialized ENDURO, the nomad and the reign

  10. The giant xo has been replaced with the sx

  11. Rayhan Rizqullah


  12. Fuck that shit i won`t spend 4k on a bike. I get a RockRider 540 and do everything with it till i will break my neck lmao 🙂

  13. santa cruz nomad my dream bike wish i can have one..

  14. Mani Inthiraraj

    umm were is the BMX

  15. Ich lasse dir ein Abo da, ich hoffe du bekommst 1.000 abos, hallo Deutschland

  16. hendra harisman

    i wanna know, the price of santa cruz..
    how much people???

  17. How about Merida?

  18. What about some cube bikes!??

  19. Republic Galaxy

    not all the best mountain bikes are full suspension.

  20. please bgm

  21. BJ song

  22. You put the jekyll. The fucking jekyll, as ten.

  23. why a bj song for mtb?

  24. how a many

  25. l will buy the 5 bike

  26. Канал Кабанов

    I have a Specialized Enduro Evo

  27. what!! they all suck

  28. What about Timaon

  29. very nice

  30. very nice

  31. afliq livee !!!!

    wow so cool from you

  32. Lakamora l'maryoul

    Nicolai is the best

  33. hahahah my is in 6 th place wow i didnt know that

  34. Im goonaa buy if only

  35. I chose trek the coolest customization ever my choice 🖕

  36. Ru-Kaylee ペンドラー

    Specialised FTW


  38. some lil kid is going to say can you blow my whistle lol and the mom is going smack the kid

  39. scott spark 700 ultimate?

  40. What song is this

  41. I have a bike no.6 it is amazing and i climb on mountain with it

  42. Gona need an expensive bike lock if I leave that in my area any of em

  43. Ropeadopeidea, I'm curious, where did you get the information for your list from? Did you test ride all these bikes, interview their owners or skimmed through articles on these bikes and decided to put together a video on them?

  44. I have cannodale Jekyll
    And it's a best no.1 not last

  45. Impossible to make a top 10 of the best all mountain bikes, because, for every rider, an other geometry or some little gimmicks will make on or the other bike better than the other. I simply regret the absence in this test of great and authentic bike brands. Liteville, Nicolai and Alutech shouldn't be forgotten when we speak about good all-mountains bikes.

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