The Best Road Bike of 2017: Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 Disc

The Best Road Bike of 2017: Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 Disc


Each year, we ride dozens of bikes in Sedona, Arizona, putting them through their paces at our annual bike test. This year, we found one road bike that stood above the rest. Watch to see why our testers loved the 2017 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 Disc and why the bike won Gear of the Year in our Summer Buyer’s Guide.


  1. Andrea Forcella

    I've just got this bike and it's the best bike I've ever owned. I've just had to shorten the stem from 110 to 100 for my ML size as I was feeling a bit too stretched out but now with the 100mm stem it just feels perfect,I'm sitting in the middle of the bike and I can ride for hours and hours without feeling punished. Needless to say disc brakes are fantastic. The bike feels like a scalpel on turns,just amazing,perfectly balanced. The only criticism I have is rear hub does not spin 100% free when TA is locked at recommended NMs,since the bike is new I hope it will get better with use.

  2. Wee Al's Wheels

    the value comes from the compromise of having the old version Ultegra. still great but very much the old version 😒

  3. I agree, it is awsome, I bought this bike this year and its great. The geometry is somehow very comfortable yet still feels racey without putting ur back out. Disc brakes are just fantastic too! Comes with tubeless out of the box and DI2 which is freak'n sweet. Love this bike,!

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