The Best Folding Bikes to Buy in 2017

The Best Folding Bikes to Buy in 2017


There are more great folding bikes available in 2017 from the biggest manufacturers like Dahon, Brompton, Tern or Allen Sports. Let’s check out the best ones.


  1. What is the price of this bike in your country?

  2. are you bescheuert ? – please try a tern bike ! This list is 100% for n Arsch !

  3. Definitely the worst review of Top 5 folding bikes to buy in 2017 … obviously a 'paid' publicity advert by Dahon-champions ….how desperate!

  4. have you tried a citizen bike?

  5. Love videos with "BEST in <year>" while the year is not over yet.

  6. Michael Whitehead

    Yeah I see a dahon fan here doing all they can to put down other folding bikes. You don't do yourself any favours by being openly biased I'm afraid… As I'm sure you must be able to see with the comments you are receiving. Good luck trying to push dahon on you tube watchers, I for one will seek neutral and balanced information elsewhere

  7. Brandon Hofmann

    There are a lot of other great bikes to buy. Tern has some beautiful designs .

  8. DeborahFishburn

    None of these specify max rider height or weight, which would bothbe useful pieces of information.

  9. heavily biased towards dahon, it should be the best dahon bikes for 2017 as this is not a real view of the bikes out there.

  10. Militello Salvatore

    Where are the TERN bikes? These are not the best foldings bikes to buy….or not the only

  11. lets see them fold these bikes when a commuter bus arrives in real time in the real world…. the Brompton will win guarantee in time and compactness.lets see these bike loaded up with a backpack or loaded for travel or even everyday use such as shopping… the Brompton will win guarantee.

  12. I wonder why nobody until now was able to design a bike that folds so compact and so neat like the Brompton???

  13. Why is that person bicycling against the traffic or "salmoning" on that Dahon Qix?

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