The Best Folding Bikes in the U.S.

The Best Folding Bikes in the U.S.


BikeFolded presents the top 5 folding bikes available in the U.S. Will Dahon, Tern, Schwinn, Brompton or another manufacturer will take the top spot?


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  2. Visit to see a list of the most popular folding bikes in 2016

  3. I think this should have been the "top 10 folding bikes available in the US" instead of the "top 5" as there are other makes and models that would make that list easily. As for the budget class of folders, if the Schwinn Loop can make it, then Citizenbike and Greenzone can too as they offer in my honest opinion, a better price/value ratio than the Schwinn.

  4. Israel Magalit

    What's the basis of the rankings? I can't believe the Schwinn made it to the list. And everything else is Dahon.
    It was pointless mentioning Tern and Brompton in the description.

  5. Brompton bike Lover

    +Folding Bike 20 really no Bromptons?

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