The best folding bikes

The best folding bikes


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  1. Dr Leah Remeika-Dugan

    the one I like is at 8:52 and is aquamarine blue in colour – but I haven't got a clue what brand of folding bike it is! please can someone tell me?

  2. Some beautiful bikes there. And a whole lot that weren't Bromptons as well.

  3. You missed another very good one: FSIR Spin 5. No frame break, so very stiff frame.

  4. And the Winner is……..Brompton

  5. Man, that was pure porn for folding bike fans — well done! I only saw about 30 bikes that I now want, which I guess was the intention behind the video. Great to see all the modifications and creative things people do with their bikes, too. Bromptons never looked so good.

  6. Hi, I don´t know where are you from, but I think you missed one of the best folding bikes for sure.
    The 20" Oyama Skyline Pro which has 18 drives and is very, very comfortable to ride. But most important of all; it only weights 18,8 lbs. !.

    For me, the most important point in a folding bike is its weight, specially when you have to go up and down stairs constantly, as happen in my city because of the subway. Cheers.

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