Super 73 ebike review: the best electric bike!

Super 73 ebike review: the best electric bike!


The Super 73 by Lithium Cycles (Kickstarter project) is my favorite electric bike. It has a top speed of 26 MPH and the battery lasts 20 miles. Find out more here


  1. How is this worth $3200 forget.

  2. okay 1 grand for something that police gonna take anyway

  3. Such a shitty pretentious bike,poor finishing you can see the weld points ,hardly any engineering or .design standout and totally overpriced

  4. Rasheed Wallace

    Do they make a big person size? Or is it for small hipsters ?

  5. I would like to see you do some hill climbing on your one gear bike!

    It's not worth trying to invent what is already on the market there are plenty of electric bikes to choose from I cannot see what makes your electric bike different from those already on the market?

    The computer screen for the bike is standard for a whole range of different brand electric bikes I have that colour screen on my Bafang Retro Conversion

    I have had front and rear hub and now have a MID-DRIVE motor far more efficient than hub motors as the rear gears can be used to increase the torque of the motor and assist in hill climbing.

  6. Sick!!!!

  7. nolimit5oldier

    $3,200 for that thing? I can get a Honda Grom for that price

  8. I love it

  9. Yo video was show all over Indian TV channels

  10. Retarded Bike

  11. por esa porqueria lo mas que pagaria son 50 dolares

  12. 505 Burquelobo

    Rather get a moped

  13. Who else is in the comments looking for a price

  14. Claude Desaulniers

    It does need suspension.

  15. Saw these the other night on Houston street in NYC. Looked pretty cool wish I could've stopped to check it out while riding my Bionx

  16. xristos kalandrias


  17. I'm getting one,just for the bottle opener

  18. This thing is 5x price of my bike. And Only gets extra 5 miles range.


  20. Yeahbuddy Testr

    Fucking joke to pay 3200 $ for this….. 1500 $ at max

  21. just eat that fluffy beaver you keep talking into.

  22. where is the suspension…???

  23. dimmacommunication

    Those are not legal here 🙁

  24. I'm gonna build one of these

  25. lmao 3k, just buy a honda grom

  26. shit for $3000 you could buy a 50cc or 150cc scooter.

  27. This is pretty trash

  28. Gotta get me one… Very nice

  29. gr8 bike….

  30. Looks like a Honda Z50

  31. Larry Hutcherson Sr

    Um…. 26 miles per hour, but ONLY 20 MILE RANGE? You can't even driver it for 1 hour?

  32. DirtCheapMeals

    $3,200??? No thanks.

  33. Put better accu

  34. It's so cool but living in Houston having a bicycle like this is pretty much useless.

  35. Dope! I would imagine you stand out everywhere you go, all eyes on you. The copper really is unique and one of a kind

  36. so dumb looking

  37. It's nice, but @ the same time what a rip off!

  38. looks great, but poorly designed if you want to pedal… The seat is too low…

  39. He's talking into a cat.

  40. They should also build an electric that looks like the 1960's Simplex Mini Bike…those were cool too.

  41. it's not new, what is new ??

  42. dafuq for that price you can buy a car.

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