SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST | Mountain Biking Mt. Fromme on the North Shore

SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST | Mountain Biking Mt. Fromme on the North Shore


Holy moly this was a thrilling ride. My final day on the Evil Wreckoning thanks to Fanatik Bike Co. in Bellingham. STRAP IN.

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  1. If you guys loved the trails I highly recommend showing a token of your appreciation to the NSMBA, the group that makes it all possible. Digger, the legend who built Ladies Only almost 25 years ago built it and upkeeps it and others as a volunteer. Use this link:

  2. Awesome stuff buddy

  3. Jonathan Mergui

    Did you check espresso? a little more flowy trail…my favourite loop is actually 7th secret, leopard and crikmcrankm…Such a good place, lucky to live there! thanks for the video, i used it to give me some courage to do ladies only!

  4. Solomonenko Maxim

    Brian, thank you so much for your videos.
    in US you have so many trails and places to ride, and all them are maintened, in good conditions and developing. do you need to pay for entrance, how much? just want to understand the business. I'm russian and we have just few places which are maintained by enthusiasts, business doesn't invest in it here.

  5. Are you ever gonna make any jerseys?

  6. Gnarly technical trail. Can't believe one exists. Your commentary makes it even better!! Keep up the great work.

  7. Wait? But will we see you on the trail? Outro?

  8. These trails are art, awesome video capturing it all!

  9. Joao Ferreira

    Brian you sound like you are about to shit yourself

  10. I've watched your videos weekly. You have really progressed as a very good technical rider. This video proves it.

  11. Which Yeti model are you digging? Are you going to purchase it or are you sold on the Evil?

  12. The first video I watched was "stolen bikes" cant believe you lost two bike in one night….but hey, look at you now!!! Good luck B!

  13. Artur Ciesielski

    A thinking man's trail.

  14. Looks like you had fun.

  15. Robert Norris

    Well, that was a bit nuts. Brian did you feel the 29'er handled as well as the 27.5 Bronson? I have heard a lot of folks who ride stuff like this trail prefer the 27.5 wheel as they say it's easier to handle on the tight stuff. What do you think overall of the 29'er format for the type of riding you do?

  16. U should do more helmet cams

  17. Brock Ainsworth

    Crazy, just rode these trails two days ago! Upper oil can to ladies, it had been 10 years since I rode it a lot scarier than I remembered. Lower ladies was so steep!

  18. I'm glad to see that Seth is wearing safety gear that looks like a trail for a 20 Sixer

  19. Simon Sävenmark

    Such a hard trail! You did great! I always get excited when you go for the skinnies! :>

  20. That's like a triple daiomd I would definitely have to upgrade my bike to attempt that trail my hart pumping just watching.

  21. Fucking hell, must bee the most technical trail I've ever seen…who the fuck build it, a lot if man hours buried there.

  22. I'm not afraid to admit that would be a lot for me too. I laughed when you said "I just feel more confident..what the hell line is that?" lol

  23. Dale Heffernan

    I lived 10 minutes away from Fromme for 3 years and never tackled Ladies Only. Watching your video I think I could do it, but would be spending an equal amount of time walking the bike.

    For anyone visiting the area I would recommend a lap doing 7th Secret, Leppard, Crinkum Crankum, Kirkford, then pedaling back up a little ways to finish with Bobsled.

  24. So you're getting an Evil with an 11.6? 😀

  25. Lee Bridgwater

    awesome, epic, thank you

  26. In what video did you test the Yeti SB6?

  27. Jonathan Soto

    dude that's the most technical trail I have seen you ride! made skills. great job! thanks for the video

  28. Yan Doroshenko

    Best trail I've ever seen.

  29. Such a sick trail, awesome vid Brian!

  30. a lot of that looks wrong for xc. 27+ time? Maybe Scott Sparc?

  31. Awesome ride mate.. too many close call on doing TOB… great job scrubbing your shorts on the back wheel. haha

  32. Pokit Productions

    do you ride clipless? think i heard you clipping out

  33. so coool !!! 😀

  34. this is really the best you can do for your bike and yourself, ride these trails over and over again

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