Road Bike Test $500 VS $15000

Road Bike Test $500 VS $15000


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  1. $15,000? I wonder how much Horsepower that bike got

  2. Hi Durianrider, great vids mate. I have ridden Giant for years and yes, great bikes, good value, however the quality has dropped off and as they start making their own house brand stuff the quality is dropping even more. Giant used to be good, but I feel now there are plenty of bike makers who are on par or better in terms of quality and price.

  3. Jonathan Vogel

    I go as fast as I go and dont care for the bollox

  4. I got a $1500 bike for $500

  5. I just bought a giant contend for $600. love it so far

  6. NOICE

  7. Why does the frame brand matter? aren't they all the same? Only the components matter right?

  8. Bought a bike from eBay and had a service recently, tech commented the frame was a bit small for me. Will go to a shop for next bike and deal with the extra cost to get something that fits perfect.

  9. as long as the bike is well put together price is no issue. a strong rider is a strong rider.

  10. It's the rider, to all the assholes out there. All the pro's ride badass bikes, but it's the rider that wins

  11. can you buy me a bike?

  12. TheMasterashton

    I'm the shittest rider out there, but I still want the bling bike!

  13. I have got a £400 bike and a £1700 bike. You're right. there is surprisingly little difference in performance between the two. however, if I was going to do a long ride, I'd prefer to do it on my best bike. the gears work better, the wheels spin faster, it just feels like a better bike. An interesting comparison would be whether you need to clip in or can just wear trainers.

  14. Cornelius Maximilianus

    stop bragging

  15. So whats the real difference than? Why buy anything over $500 or $1000, besides electronic shifting?

  16. You should've bought a million dollar bike 😂😂

  17. i was pissin my self when u was passing all the carbon boys wasnt expecting u too hang on that easy great vid as norm

  18. Grotrian Steinweg

    my pretentious radar is off the charts all of a sudden

  19. I love it when i pass 10k dollar bikes on my 250 dollar. But i enjoy looking at them bikes for sure.

  20. Francisco Galan

    just get Wide Carbon Wheels, it will make a WORLD of difference…Neuvation are THE BEST for the money, based in San Luis Obispo, CA..

  21. bullshit you moron..

  22. Life is too short to ride shit bikes.

  23. Walter Neumann

    Price of the bike doesn´t actually matter that much. I say this from my own experience. My grandfather used to cycle a lot. Every day he would ride 20km to work in the morning regardless of weather. He´s driven thousands of kilometres throughout Europe. He´s been to Italy, Belgium, Corsica , Sicilia, the Netherlands , France etc… He wasn´t a wealthy man so he had a standart bike called favorit at that time. He had driven for 20 years on that single bike it was just alloy frame, nothing special incomparably worse with bikes today. But as he had his bike fit, pumped up the tyres and good gearing he would beat guys riding 2k dollars full carbon bikes. He was just so fit that he easily past anybody on those expesive carbon toys. He was such a great rider . Cycling was his lifestyle. In conclusion bike does make a difference in a race but out of race it´s everything about the rider . If you have enough endurance you can beat a weaker guy with a bike 2k dollars cheaper than yours.. Have fun riding don´t focus much on your bike but rather on your performance..

  24. Juice BOX Duce

    Hey guys I've been riding a aluxx 2015 defy 4 BUT i want to upgrade to a tcr disc….. i was wondering if a carbon tcr can take the same pounding i give my defy e.g jumping curbs, potholes, gravel, skids, wheelies lol….. btw I've pounded my defy BIG TIME I've even taken it down stairs a few times only broken 1 spoke and i think my wheel needs to be trued a little bit…. i now have a mtb so i wouldn't abuse my tcr as much but it would be nice to know how much i could throw at it….

  25. Lord Of The Strings

    What is the programme you used for analyzing your ride? and also your tracker?

  26. viewers might benefit from my experiences; the inside leg measurement ( in bare feet ) minus 10cm will deliver the ideal saddle height (measured from bb cente to top of saddle). I am suited to a 53-54cm top tube and 150+ headtube due to back & neck issues. No extreme aero positions for me!

  27. It would be good for the L'Etape Du tour?

  28. I haven't even watched this but 15k?? What the hell??

  29. Haha man I killed guys on $7k bikes uphill 10km on 16kg full dabomb wheels cult mad dirt bike with 2.35 tires on 1.8 bar hahahah. It was so funny. People started riding bikes to be seen, just like supercars and 0 time invested in skill…

  30. I don't speak a perfect english but I can understand almost every single word that english and american people say… but this dude, I can't understand a shit of what he's saying

  31. Gianna Giavelli

    you need to get some old fashinoed upright handlebars and a bell for your 82 year old uncle's bike the next time he duffs the ciocc's and colnagos

  32. you look like guy martin (compliment)

  33. who .. korean sub plz..

  34. As a newb just entering the market for my first road bike, this is very relieving.

  35. What are you eating on this jaunt ?

  36. I'm a musician, and what this guy is saying is absolutely true…….having the best guitar or drum kit isn't going to make you suddenly become a virtuoso player……nope, YOU gotta do that part!… just go out and enjoy it, don't get caught up in the snobbery of it all.

  37. lastinline bruce

    its actually 600.00 , and in your last video you changed your cass , seat , crank arms , bars , you're up to 1000.00 again

  38. Shaun Bridges C

    I could get a car for that

  39. I remember when i was into shooting pistols i bought a expensive pistol and shot the same groups with each one. It's all skill unless your on the top level.

  40. How many times can u bring up vegan in the description when ur talking about bikes. It has nothing to do with eachother. And a pretty crappy bike review as well

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