Our pick of the best electric bikes around

Our pick of the best electric bikes around


We’ve road-tested six of our favourite e-bikes to help you decide which one is right for your commute.


  1. bafang ,8fundiy kit fits any bike diy

  2. wtf bullshit

  3. Moustache race 9 has got to be one of the best looking ebikes. Ebikes for the road, for me are pointless as I'm into the limiter all the time then you have the penalty of all that weight. A hybrid for the road will cost less and moderately fit you can get 18-20 mph without too much effort. And unless you can lock the bike in a secure room, there's no way i'd chain up my 5k ebike on the street, so won't use a ebike for the daily commute.

  4. lol did someone fall asleep editing this? It says Coboc Rome at least 3 times

  5. David Salmela

    I like seeing a variety, but never, and I mean never do I hear price ranges. Bottom line, that's what we need to know!!✌

  6. Should wear a helmet

  7. A2B is not on the list either.

  8. Never ride without a helmet 🤔

  9. No prices 😑

  10. This guy clearly has no cycling background and chose some of the worst E-bikes out on the market. Completely pointless video. Don't recommend something if you have no idea what you're talking about.

  11. Best? Are you kidding me? You obviously have no clue as to what "best" means.

  12. Bernie Baldwin

    haibike ….. there can only be one.

  13. illegalsmile シ

    Never ride with a helmet unless its cold

  14. Jorge Pereira

    Who uploads these videos? It would be nice if you could leave a link in the description to find out about any of the products or link anywhere about the article that you're suggesting us to take a look at. Extremely frustrating!

  15. Jose Moanińho

    Cyclists in the road are arseholes

  16. I'll stick with my Boosted Board

  17. Life On Two Wheels

    I would go for the last one

  18. Cnet is becoming more Cnet UK. And I don't know why, but I do not relate to their videos. It is not international enough. And for the remaining US videos, it is less captivating than a few years ago. I feel like Cnet is closing down little by little.

  19. austin jackson

    not mentioning faraday bikes

  20. EraserTraceur

    Ive seen some real retards driving these things around Toronto.

  21. Should mention price

  22. But we what about the us

  23. This video made me want all of the larger bikes. Damn you Cnet!

  24. Vincent Messina

    No stromer?

  25. The second and third bikes have incorrect title cards. Do you guys review your videos before you post them?

  26. but i want to workout

  27. Alvin Tossler

    The fact that the RadPower isn't on this list is all I need to know to know this list is SHIT

  28. second

  29. Bigplanes_yyz

    Bbaddd viddd

  30. FIRST

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