The Mafia Bike HITMAIN Harry Main signature, is the best BMX bike that i have ever had! All the sick specs, combined with the crazy greenfuel color adds up to be the best combination of a BMX ever made!



  1. Amazing bike

  2. Bennet Harwardt

    wich Wheel size do you have?

  3. 6:52 haha

  4. is it 20 inch

  5. do you ride 18in tires fam

  6. Where to buy accessories

  7. Robert Baines


  8. you got yellow teeth

  9. Damm how the fuck have I never thought of useing griptape on the crankarm 😶

  10. Is frame made out of hi-tensile steel or chromoly???

  11. Thats ugly. My bike is black

  12. Khatija Masoodi

    am new to this channel can i know why do u always wear a cap with DUBAI written on it?

  13. bad substance cranks are good

  14. Matthew Thompson Productions


  15. DaddySwagy // MCPE

    I buy me the same Bike thanks Ola😃

  16. that was a sickest bike i've ever seen <3

  17. Noksu the GAMER

    can u link all parts in desc

  18. how much is the back hub

  19. Anthony James

    Isn't the Hitmain made from Hi-ten?

  20. RaviRam Chudasama

    what are the exact parts you are using. please let me know i love your bike😱

  21. Wooooow damn its FIREEE 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  22. Is yours an 18 inch?

  23. Ola I'm getting a set of the bars have you cut them down at all

  24. Jayden Westin Vlogs

    THIS WAS VERY GOOD!!! your channel is exellent! Ill tell my friends about you and to subscribe!

  25. Jeffy Dingleberyysmiteman

    OlaBMX it's not a top load stem you put it on upsidedown I promise you

  26. Andreas Dimos

    this paint???

  27. Mega Rayquaza 384

    because i wanna know

  28. Mega Rayquaza 384

    please reply

  29. Mega Rayquaza 384

    What size is your handlebar?

  30. Jerry Ungureanu

    What do you think a good bike is for a price range of 250-300

  31. Bsd has the best seats in my opinion and I usually rely on stolen for things like pedals and grips

  32. wtf, steel for more strength? is this some kind of super steel stronger than Ti? xD

  33. Dan The gamer

    Lol I have the same bike madman 👍

  34. please link the bike

  35. Can MafiaBikes go shipment to Philippines? badly i can't see any choices on our country?

  36. Instinct Squad

    I like ur bmx bike color is really beautiful


    I love bike pls give me free for my birthday in may 01 im in the Philippines olongapo city

  38. Ola what size front tire you ride?

  39. Richard Fortier

    your crank is BSD substance. love the bike but i prefer the blue fuel frame just like Harry Main. if your looking for new wheels try a set of Alex supra j laced to a profile z coaster back hub with madera v3 hub for the front wheel.

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