Kid Thinks His Mongoose is The Best Bike

Kid Thinks His Mongoose is The Best Bike


This kid gives us a bike check on his mongoose that he just bought and thinks its the best bmx bike in the world.


  1. XxStickman661xX Dank

    Is that a little kids bike

  2. Ej2004RC Ej-sans

    I got a mongoose BMX but I don't go all virgin 20 years old lives in the basement

  3. "10 peice cranks" lmao do those even exist

  4. This guy cant hold the camera still for shit

  5. William Farbman

    Lol. I'm a skilled mtber.

  6. walmart ruin mongoose

  7. holy crap that's lame 😂

  8. He was saying mint way back then

  9. We got pre puberty and during puberty voice lol

  10. Rodknock is so young here hahaha

  11. Steven Daniels

    Its not even his bike its walmarts bike still

  12. Steven Daniels

    Its not even his bike its walmarts bike still

  13. Steven Daniels

    Its not even his bike its walmarts bike still

  14. lol

  15. Why is the kid wearing moon shoes

  16. I also just got a big ripper for Christmas you should check some out

  17. The BMX channel

    those are acttually 10 and a half peice cranks

  18. 1:23 you can here him trying not to laugh his fucking ass off of course its a troll

  19. Haters say it's fake

  20. I think he's spoofing. 10 piece crank makes me think so.

  21. 10 piece cranks hahaha


  23. ZexyCookiePlays

    This kid is just stupid and uneducated.

  24. to all the dumb kids saying he's dumb, he's pretty clever: he's obviously making fun of the bike.

  25. Cody Scarberry

    this boy a fucking retard

  26. He was joking

  27. dude I have the same bike as you and it broke within 2 months there's no way that bike is like to Grant and it's not like three hundred pounds more like 5 pounds idiot there's a lot of better bike than that that's only a mongoose and they sound like Toys R Us and Walmart and they don't even sell them the bike shop no more trust me haros are better

  28. dat kid is dumb

  29. Omfg Rudnick hahahahaha this is too funny he need to react to this

  30. Mom's Spaghetti

    Fucking twat

  31. Why Walmart bikes? Come on theres something better

  32. Miguel Rosales


  33. This is gay as fuck!
    I guess his parents didn't pay him enough attention?

  34. UltraDiadMMotions

    They are best

  35. That's crape

  36. Sans The Skeleton

    That isn't the best bmx in the world

  37. Pretty mint…

  38. 10 piece cranks

  39. 2 years ago ridnik looks 12 lol

  40. Still saying mint 2 years ago 😉

  41. Special Snowflake

    Is that rudnik?! holy shot

  42. it small

  43. it looks shit

  44. Don't be hating on the goose I grew up with them. They did the job!

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