Is This The Most Creative BMX Bike Rider On Earth?

Is This The Most Creative BMX Bike Rider On Earth?


Is this the most creative bike rider on Earth? Tate Roskelley might just be a genius.
Forgive the Upworthy-esque YouTube friendly title (no seriously I’m pretty embarrassed but I want to give this a decent chance of doing Tim Knoll numbers) and witness Tate Roskelley. Tate’s got just about the most original perspective on BMX you can imagine. I think years ago when Jim C said “I just want to see what’s possible”, Tate took his words at face value. His riding is less about making a statement and more about asking questions. What is a bike trick? What is a street spot? The answers aren’t always pretty (I’m sure he isn’t going to start riding around with his stem bolts loose full time) but they’re always interesting and Tate is always having fun.

Thanks so much to Elf for filming this, you are a god amongst men.


  1. Shit dude I watched this video about 1 years ago and I dint realize that the video is from NoJumper

  2. What's so creative about this? Ok, he likes to have fun while riding his bmx, all these tricks have been done before.

  3. He really is guys

  4. I'm not kidding

  5. Omg this guy is a god at bmx

  6. legit true Bacon

    Dang the guys were savage

  7. if i have 100 likes my dad will give me a xbox im so excited

  8. This piece of shit has some balls

  9. He is learning from his mistakes

  10. this guy is shit ryan taylor is way better.

  11. Who else is watching this is 2017 like if u are

  12. it says no bicycles

  13. 0:47 the thumbnail

  14. Mountain bike is better then bmx

  15. "no bycicles" says captn diabeetus XD get of that rascal and walk u fat fuck

  16. And know millions of people are watching memes

  17. Explosivebro 100

    Where was that filmed

  18. I miss u like this

  19. And that kid's is the world's first "Click bait"

  20. This is filmed with a microwave

  21. of course this video had to be fucking copyrighted

  22. i subscribed for more bmx like it says in the description but all i see is 16 year olds doing drugs 🙁

  23. that water one was legit

  24. Every single comment is about I didn't know this was no jumper

  25. curtis o'shannessy

    how does he ride like that

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