Is the $500 Storm Electric Bike on Indiegogo a Good Deal?

Is the $500 Storm Electric Bike on Indiegogo a Good Deal?


People are asking themselves, “should I buy the Storm electric bike on” and with a price of just $500 plus less than $194 shipping that’s a great question. In this video I discuss some of the considerations worth making before plunking down your hard earned money. What kind of performance can you expect from an electric bike like this? What are the risks of crowdfunding sites like Indie Go Go and Kickstarter? I hope this helps shed some light on the situation.


  1. This bike looks exactly like the sondors ebike

  2. Julie Buchanan

    Hello from Australia. Always informative. Love your work Cort.☺

  3. wow 7 minutes of my life gone and i didnt see the bike in action!

  4. Joseph Brendel

    what if you ae one legged and fat like me?! those tires might be good for someone like me right?

  5. too many crowdfunding are a scam. the price is suspiciously cheap. go with the old saying "if it's too good to be true then it probably is". if you're looking for a cheapish e-bike buy any cheap regular bicycle for $300 and 750w bafang bbs02 mid-drive for $400 and $300 taxfree 48-52v battery from aliexpress to go with it. that's $1000 for a quality e-bike. to go anything cheaper is gambling and you'll be left wanting more. alternatively for $1500 you could get bbshd and bigger battery for a beast that'll get to 1500w+. mid-drives are high efficiency and thus doesn't require those ridiculous wattages as hub motors (3000w+) to run 90km/h or to climb any hill.

  6. Denise OReilly

    this is an old video but worth stating – i got a Sondors bike via Indiegogo and its the most amazing bike I've ever had – I have not had one single issue with it, not a single flat tire and the battery and motor are fantastic – i commute to work on it almost every day – best, cheapest ebike I could have bought. Even the guys at my local bike store were shocked it was as cheap as it was given how well put together it was (I only went in to buy a pump and took me 45 minutes to get away from their bike technicians inspecting it!) I'm delighted with my bike and would hate it to get bad press because noone updated the comments to hear its an awesome bike (mine is the Sondors Thin by the way). Getting huge mileage out of my bike but thats also because I pedal all the time to get exercise but I get up hills in ways I couldnt have imagined and its a bliss coming home when you're tired to have that extra oomph… so just in case there are new visitors to this page who think the bike sucks, i counter that its not – was the best $499 bike I could have bought!!! By the way I hope do a review of the new MATE on Indiegogo as I have bought one of those and it arrives later this month. It's a stronger battery than my Sondors and is a folding bike so really hope you review it as I like your reviews!

  7. Oh dear you have mislead me this time I wanted to see the in and outs of the Storm E-Bike 18 minutes of useless crap this video is way below your usual standard of reviews – what went wrong?

  8. you didn't show yourself riding it

  9. hey man love your videos and the reviews don't know which bike to choose from my budget  is 1000$. going to check out your site thanks

  10. H Serene Warren

    I already have one, and this is a bit out of date…but I learned a lot. Thank you. The information about the battery, keeping it between 20-80%, really valuable details (among others ). I just need to find out if it still holds true. This newbie needs to be hand fed the basics. Yay you!!!!

  11. Knock off Sondors

  12. I appreciate your input. Helps VERY much! By the way, I know it's a pain but you may want to blur out the license plates when doing shots when walking on side streets. Some people may not like them being seen. Moving on a big street is a different story. I would at least do it if one can read the plates if parked in a driveway.

  13. Entertainment for you

    Did you ever review or try the Ancheer ebike I think it's a 250w motor? I want to buy an ebike and the Ancheer is about what I can afforwith free shipping! Any Help or your Expertise will be Greatful! Thank you!

  14. interesting website. promote it in minute 1 or 2 not in minute 14. 'cause i guess that is where you want us to go to. great infos thank you…

  15. thumbs up. thanks for sharing your knowledge. I am trying to find a kit for my KHS 1000 fat bike. Any suggestions?

  16. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah fuckin' blah! Not a bike review….just blah!

  17. hardly a review. and 18 min??? cmon man. and how many times do you need to say "steel frame, heavier than aluminum" wait till you get the bike. wasted my time

  18. review without the bike disappointed really

  19. How do you do a bike review without "RIDING IT"!?

  20. Hey 🙂 Very cool, you give reviews that are honest. Curious though, do you give the option to the companies as to whether to publish the review or not? ROFL. I have noticed your site being hard to reach at times. So I just go to your youtube page. Thanks for your honest reviews, Im in the market for one of these, and i dont make much money…. hence i need an e-bike. 🙂 Thats the nature of the e-bike market… it targets the folks with a certain income range… they like to think otherwise. So its that much more important that these companies keep the value of their products up.

  21. Hey man! It looks like you're using a camera stabilizer to record this video. Could you share what device are you using to have such a stable video? Cool review BTW! Thanks for enlightening us all through your content 🙂

  22. A friend of mine bought a couple when they were first promoted. They took a long time to arrive, but when they did, they were easy to assemble and after some adjustments, very easy to ride. Can't speak to the range because that is always rider dependent, but on a scale of 1-10 here are my impressions:
    Battery Quality…5
    Controller Features …5
    Security Features…3

    Overall 6.3/10

  23. So glad I found your videos, and your website designing sensibilities are superb! The UI is so well-done, and makes navigation such a joy. Thanks for all of the top-notch work you do. I love seeing notifications for new EBR reviews in my inbox, and it always makes me smile to hear that bike bell ring at the beginning of each video. 🙂

  24. Your a talker, talkers make me thirsty…..

  25. Julien Cartwright

    very very informative,, thankx dude ya give me some crazy, or maybe not so crazy idears!! THANKX,, juju,,

  26. All that blah blah and you never showed it nor tested it. Wtf!?!

  27. That's a minute I'll never get back

  28. thought you were going to test the damn thing?!

  29. Scumbag. do your research people!

    philippe 7 days ago
    This company is Worst and doesnt answer ! They fraud

    Derrick Lau on June 28
    I have waited for about One year. Regretfully no delivery still. Please issue a refund via PayPal.
    Missing avatar
    Askar Aryngazin on June 19
    Please refund to my PayPal in the case you cannot send e-bike and extra battery to the address in Germany.
    Missing avatar
    chad carter on June 15
    are you going to give a refund?

    Serj Daher on June 12
    are we getting refunds or not?!?!
    Missing avatar
    Askar Aryngazin on June 10
    Please, refund via PayPal:

    Rodrigo Liu on June 3
    this company is worst
    Missing avatar
    Eduardo Birman Ripstein on May 29
    Where do I post in Google the HORRIBLE review they deserve?? Kindly advise. Thank you!!!

    Serj Daher on May 23
    I got tired of waiting so i went and posted a lovely 1 star review on google. enough is enough i feel violated
    Missing avatar
    Karolis Balcikonis on May 16
    No money after waiting for more than 1Y, shame on you Dillinger

    Nicholas Carvalho on May 15
    Everyone who didn't get your bike, post a review on google for them and they become pretty responsive. Also, you are the lucky ones. The bike is a piece of rubbish. Battery lasts about 20 minutes, the bike weighs half a tonne so without it good luck peddling. Struggles with the smallest incline. My road bike it's replacing is far nicer to ride. You got off lucky.

  30. tillallareoneluv

    I went to order one  (price seem reasonable enough) then I saw the 200 buck shipping.  wtf.   a 500 dollar bike and 200 to ship.  forget it.

  31. Spaz Thedrummer


  32. looks like a bernie voter. bet my life.

  33. u mentioned u've tested around 60 bikes & that around $1500 – $1600 is the lower end for a decent bike. which leads me to believe u've never tested an Xtreme Ebike. I have the XP-310 la which I now have about 1300 miles on and I've only had to fix a few Flats replace the brake pads and I put a softer shock on it because that used to come with a 9:50 so I changed it to a 750 much better. anyway that might cost me 800 it's up to 9 something now they also have bikes with the same range and speed that are in the 500 to 550 range it does about 20 miles an hour would a 20 mile range and has pedal assist works great absolutely recommend it I would buy the exact same bike again in two years like I said 1300 miles I would absolutely buy another one

  34. Matthew cocked locked ready to rock

    it's junk it was a total waste of money

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