Is Highland the best mountain bike park in the USA? | NES Ep. #4

Is Highland the best mountain bike park in the USA? | NES Ep. #4


Highland Mountain bike park is my personal favorite bike park in the USA. Highland is a family owned and operated bike park, complete dedicated to mountain biking. I’ve been riding Highland since 2006, and I was really excited to get a chance to show the Single Track Sampler why it’s one of the best bike parks around!!

NES = New England Sampler
Taking the Single Track Sampler around the best mountain bike destinations in the North East / New England area!


  1. Christopher Musquiz

    That was freaking sick!!!!

  2. I had no idea the east coast rocked so hard. You and Seth have been blowing my mind. Great vid and so great to see how many people are positively connecting. Great work man!

  3. I'm Funko Crazy

    Do You ever see any hardtails out there hitting the jumps

  4. Laird McQuarrie

    Love this content, just subscribed

  5. Matthew MacDougall

    This can all be ridden on xc or is a downhill the norm?

  6. I love your riding style. It's just having fun on a bike

  7. That new nomad is beautiful

  8. NEVER follow a Norco bike, the frames can SNAP at any time.

  9. stupidscum josh

    Good video

  10. When Phil wasn't following anyone he was ripping that shit up so hard & fast

  11. Thankyou guys this was a cool video I enjoyed yes indeed peace….

  12. I'd say I agree 100% with the title…. Awesome vid Phil!

  13. Its funny how americans fuss over technical when really in the north of england the only trails there are are techical

  14. Awesome video Phil!! You also provide a lot of help and inspiration for old people (i.e.: 32 years old) too! So thanks very much!

  15. Awesome trail Phil! How much for the day pass?

  16. Are the kids on their own bikes or are they rentals?

  17. Sigurd Flaatten

    Phil goes up front, speed literaly doubles.

  18. No handrails on the board walks

  19. Looks Awesome!

  20. Anthony Hernandez

    where where where is this holy place you mtb?

  21. highland is probably the best park in the us, totally agree w/ you phil. BRAAAAPPP

  22. no idea what your second name is (allthough you look familiar) but i share your innovative style and vision of the tracks / alternative crazy line / all over the place riding. riding in the comfort zone is so nice

  23. You know you can change when the slo mo starts and ends on the iPhone slo mo

  24. dude you re like thinking about marrying the tree….. LOOOOOOOLLLLLOOOOOLLLLLL hahahahahahahhaha……… I love it…….. typical Phil's humor 。

  25. Another great video, Phil!  Very cool of you to hang out with those kids, I'm sure it totally made their day, and they'll be talking about it for ages. I love Highland, btw. That place got me into DH 2 seasons ago. I still suck, but I at least have fun! I'm going tomorrow actually, watching this has me so stoked to try the new stuff!

  26. really enjoyed this vid – wish we had places like that in Scotland

  27. Ayy Kyle Strait!

  28. Michael Loftus

    That bike park looks awsome!
    Such a shame there isn't much if anything like that in the UK. If anyone watching this knows there is let me know where I live in sheffield!

  29. Chava Caturafindranika

    hy phills..
    so happy to see your video..
    i always wondering to ride track like on your country,.. so smooth so comfort..
    but i think some people in your country never felt a real track.. that create by nature.. not by human..
    are even to try that phill ? because so many natural track in the world that create by nature..
    i see so much video that line, direction, drop, create by them (human) it self.. its good.. but i think they cant feel a real track by nature it self…
    i will not compare every track in the world cause they have unique way itself.. but if u might to try phill.. i suggest.. try traveling to another country.. try their natural track.. and lets see how you can handle it and feel it..
    oh,.. i'm sorry if my words not so good.. but my mean is.. right here in my country.. we dont have track as long as yours.. we dont track as smooth as your.. we have a natural track, fully of rock not a land or sand just rock, in the center of tea garden.. and we enjoy it..
    would you to try it phill ? make a ride to another country ?
    we'll so happy if u do that..
    see you on the track that make us fly without wing..
    best regards..

  30. William Farbman

    This is some wooork! ………. Wow… *Slurp

  31. Skills With Phil hey man I was wondering if you have any deals on bikes because my last on I had was when I was 9 and I'm 15 now and you're videos got me wanting to ride again

  32. @13:20 during the slow-mo if you listen closely, you can hear all the boners magically appearing in the comments! :O

  33. amateur cooperative

    #highlandfamily great Ep Phil!

  34. Bro u are a fucking beast!!! Where did you get ur pedals????

  35. Its official. Alex is now "The Bike Park Sampler"

  36. Two great role models

  37. michael streed

    7:22 he marries a tree

  38. Barry Johnson and Gmoney

    Best video ever

  39. I love when you ride in the front, full speed Phil is badass

  40. I have to admit your editing and filming skills are getting better and better. You also seem much more relaxed when talking to the camera. Makes the all experience much more entertaining for us the viewers !
    Big thumb up from France 😉

  41. Outdoors with Dan


  42. Momma was a hottie! 6:15

  43. 15:02 RIP suspension.

  44. Reluctant Rider

    Awesome video Phil! Great to see you hanging out with young fans and wow those kids can shred!

  45. I broke my ankle at the last berm at the end of the trails, my cross country season ended me with 3 broken bones. Sick video

  46. Raymond Tedjaja

    Why 24fps tho.

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