Insane Tricks on BMX Bikes at Battle of Hastings, Dude! (RAW)

Insane Tricks on BMX Bikes at Battle of Hastings, Dude! (RAW)


Insane Tricks on BMX Bikes at Battle of Hastings, Dude! (RAW)
Kriss Kyle, Chad Kerley, Bruno Hoffmann, Chase Hawk, Tom Dugan, Dan Lacey, Trey Jones and many more!! #bmx #insane
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  1. Was that cory burglar (should of been a mini horse) at the end??

  2. eu gosto muitooo

  3. 4:35 Error>??

  4. NewHampshire Bound

    Allowing no helmets in a competition? Really? Really dumb.

  5. no shirt plus no shoes equals no limits.

  6. damn this is older than i thought, but ay these guys did there thing!

  7. I live in Hastings lol

  8. one dude just wanted to be naked

  9. who thought that bmx were fixies

  10. Foghing

  11. I went to this

  12. backflip with douple tailwhip would win this

  13. that guy made really high jump but didn't do any tricks

  14. People's Store BMX



    new raw video: mike curley, jaime gonzalez, nico van loon, max bergmann & tim guentner

  16. 0:53 what is the background song name

  17. vous penser que 14 kilo pour debuter c est bien ou pas


    new felix prangenberg video!

  19. No Helmet=Gay

  20. mutha fucka trey fucking jones!

  21. ANDREY THE Outlaw SEE

    see hoooo

  22. 80 Slim Shady's

    chase hawk looked pretty lame compared to everyone else

  23. 80 Slim Shady's

    everyone definitely sent it in that comp!!

  24. Yea trey jones

  25. Scotty Cranmer would defo fufanoo the spectators handrail at the top!

  26. TREY JONES!?

  27. Holy crap! Amazing riding! Bmx and skateboarding has really gone off lately pushing forward with crazy moves! Just great to see! 👍🏻👊🏻

  28. Lightning Dreams

    Trey Jones is clickbait LOL

  29. Trey Jones is god

  30. Trey Jones with the awesome shorts

  31. Patrick Thibaut

    @ 1'15" the BMX goes backwards but the pedals don't move! How do they do that…

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