GoPro: Best Line Bike Contest Returns

GoPro: Best Line Bike Contest Returns


GoPro and Pinkbike have teamed up once again to bring you the GoPro of the World: Best Line Contest.

Sending some sweet jumps? Riding a rowdy line with your friends? Taking your bike where no bike has gone before? Well, this year, we are bringing you more chances to win.

Contest runs July 1st – Nov 30, 2016. One Grand Prize Winner takes home $15,000.


  1. Gangsta Loaded Eret

    that last clip . mean i can say i like mtb alot thiugh bikes too much ?😏 no bigiie got these vids

  2. Every time I litsen to this song it always forces me to go biking 😀

  3. Who are the 4k people who disliked this video and how high are their standards?

  4. Konstantin Gorbunov

    How many cyclists died when they filmed this video?

  5. in the thumb video you can see he didn't make it

  6. Yanik pellerin


  7. 帅全世界最帅的人


  8. Emerson Alvarenga


  9. These 4600 are real stupid haters!

  10. Xiaomi yi is better!

  11. Can someone tell
    Me the accessories used for perfect stability PLUS all the post production color correction as well

  12. Whoever edited this is a god

  13. Fabio !!!!!

  14. I have a gopro. But i go to work then come home. Smoke a cigar. Go to bed after walk.

  15. Donnovan Mason

    I would like to win one of these bad boy's.

  16. That was awesome!!!! Look like you had a blast. Enjoy life!!!!

  17. анжей килококосов

    ебанутые, по ним могила плачет…)

  18. Nicholas Michaluk

    Loll they way he turnes the mug at 0:05

  19. I miss my riding days..

    They were the best days of my life.

  20. Richard Skarsten

    2:16 Nope, no-no-no-no-no..

  21. so beatiful

  22. 嫌いチャリンカス


  23. Nice

  24. 1:401:50 just orgasms to my eyes 😍

  25. will my cycle HERO UT HT 1 work for it??

  26. すげー

  27. Alexandru Enache

    your the best❤💪💪God job all team #gopro

  28. Shabba Ukelele

    You should have edited the confrontation with police out. What kind of message it gives to younger generations? You have moral responsibilities you should know it better…

  29. Im sold.. here take my hard earned money..

  30. Василий Ковешников

    Зачем подвергать свою жизнь опасности?

  31. Teoryk Extreme Games

    Nao sei se vcs sabem ler portugues mas eu queria pedir uma coisa pra vcs da GoPro meu sonho é ter um canal de bike no youtube mas nao tenho como gravar pois nao tenho uma GoPro entao eu uso meu celular mas fica uma merda como vcs podem ver no meu ultimo vídeo entao eu queria saber se vcs nao tem como realizar o meu sonho me ajudando a ter uma GoPro?

  32. I'm so glad to be on the video! Can't wait for the next Gopro! Maybe with the Fusion camera 😉

  33. Jaideep Parmar


  34. hay I indoneaia

  35. What's the BGM😍

  36. all the Best go pro

  37. go pro 1of the best in the world

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