Gee Atherton Tests INSANE MTB Trail: GoPro View – Red Bull Hardline

Gee Atherton Tests INSANE MTB Trail: GoPro View – Red Bull Hardline


Last year’s Red Bull Hardline MTB track was one of the most demanding ever seen, pushing the sport of downhill mountain biking to the limit. Huge rock gardens, giant slab rolls, tight wood sections, technical natural features and the now infamous road gap created a track to push downhill racing to the next level.

This year, Dan Atherton set about raising the bar once again. Here we see Dan’s brother and former World Champion, Gee Atherton, testing the track for the first time, giving us a glimpse of what the riders will experience this weekend.

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your “stoke factor” to be at an all time high.


  1. FlyBoy Luciano

    Almost got fucked up a few times

  2. why are youe change the speed of the video? thats discusting

  3. Dodgeavoidevade

    Or inject a few pounds of adrenaline. Pretty much the same effect

  4. Don't delete this message please

  5. Abdullah Qureshi what you think you made this video but you are not riding it another person is😁😀

  6. Just wanted to shout out that i bought my first full suspension today. Nothing too special. Commencal meta am 4.2. 170 up front and 160 in the rear

  7. EPIC, Insane DH! My adrenals pumping out adrenaline only by seeing this descent… holycrap

  8. hey at least you don't have to pedal

  9. Ho Lee Phuck

  10. How many kilometers ?

  11. Mamam Kanuragan

    boa edan

  12. How is this dude not dead yet?

  13. Danloaiza Invation

    Why he didn't take the JEEP jump and the last jump?

  14. I'm out of breath just watching this 😥

  15. toobakedtooplay

    this course is gnarly

  16. you better slow down man

  17. That bike dnt make a bloody sound hardly must b floating lol

  18. faster than initial d

  19. What camera is that

  20. super cool im sweating

  21. That's way harder than it looks.

  22. kick arse.

  23. His palms are sweaty, knees week, arms are heavy…

  24. wow that was the longest 4.5 min ever. it dosent look hard until you see it yourseld

  25. canal multiplos videos


  26. canal multiplos videos

    This of like,s

  27. Holy shiiiiiiiiitttteeee man Ida crashed with min a min dude uve got some balls 😎🤘🏻🤘🏻

  28. Davide Shahini

    You are not human!

  29. is this real time speed? it looked slightly faster than normal but it could be that he's going so quick

  30. Erico Vinicius #dh

    tambem faço trilha de bike se inscrevam. no meu canal la gent pfv

  31. Danilo Alcantara

    I got to stop posting my videos after seeing this lol

  32. How did he not die while doing this

  33. Why didn't he do that one jump

  34. الله يعينك

  35. Rance Shepstone

    Damn that shit starting at 3:23…this guy shreds

  36. all I can say is CRAZY!!!!

  37. DOWNHILL is Best 😉😉😉

  38. and I thought I was pretty good at mowntain biking lol

  39. Marianne Linder Olsen


  40. Marianne Linder Olsen

    I leave a like but whers the mucik

  41. Wow… Respect Man 😀

  42. Fuckin insane

  43. mackinley philip

    YOU JUST got to send it at red bull rampage with the 9.9 trek session

  44. took the best shyt to this insanity

  45. Epic for sure. Was that video fast forward edited ?

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