GCN’S Commuter Challenge – What’s The Best Way To Ride To Work?

GCN’S Commuter Challenge – What’s The Best Way To Ride To Work?


We just couldn’t agree on the best bike to ride to work so we put them to the test over 20km.
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Dan, Matt, Simon and Tom just couldn’t agree on what was the best way to commute the 20km back to the office after filming a news show.

So, they had a race. There was no prize for the winner, just the pride in proving that your chosen commute was the fastest, although there’s still some debate about what’s the best, so comment below and let us know your thoughts on that.

Dan chose his folding bike, Matt chose his relaxed road bike with mudguards, Simon rode an aero racing bike, and Tom took the off road route on his ‘cross bike.

Watch the video to find out the winner!

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  1. After a DVD blood clog

  2. PusdienlaikaŠovs

    A mtb?

  3. I agree with Matt's method. I do NOT want to go to work sweaty and stinky, I want to stay clean.

  4. Felipe Contreras

    Top gear for bikes.

  5. Incredibly entertaining

  6. Gangsta Loaded Eret

    Obviously simon would have gotten quicker without the cameras having to follow

  7. i usually use underground for commuting

  8. Roadies

  9. what kind of tyres were on the cross one? 28mm? is that possible?

  10. This channel is like the "top gear of cycling". I'm loving it!

  11. "I've got five other days to go on decent rides"


  12. That was fun to watch! Best GCN video I've seen: the video was quality, the topic was interesting, and you threw in some humorous moments that kept me interested to the end. Great job on this one guys!

  13. no hybrid??

  14. I use a click on mud guard when it rains.. take it off when it doesnt 🙂


  16. Love these videos. Editing for this one is terrific

  17. Cookielordking TV

    Lmao I was surprised that they drive on the left side, then I realized that they are from Britain😱

  18. Thisstatementisfalse

    As someone from the hometown of Bike Friday, I know what Dan isn't riding.

  19. Russell Trakhtenberg

    I ride my foldable to work everyday it's only 11 miles but still works well

  20. Master Federinco

    What about commuting to your job at a bike shop. Champaign Cycle all the way!

  21. baudellio charles

    My kit is my nutsack is my kit don't need to look gay with lame shorts

  22. Nick Papadopoulos

    Those 77 people have no work to ride to…

  23. Get a scooter or a 125-250 cc bike. Problem solved.

  24. Wait what 25mm is wide and comfy? My sore ass says not so much

  25. So the way forward is a Cube SL Road SL 2017. Looks cool and you can almost go anywhere on it.

  26. ok this made up my mind im getting a road bike my mtn bike is heavy and slower harder to ride up hills too most time I get off the bike and welk up the hill

  27. Douchebag Studios

    I cycle into Bristol from the west through ashton court to work. Usually on a road bike but I always have the option to get my mountain bike out for the trails. So I do agree that commuting is not always about speed but also can be very fun!

  28. Great vid.
    I have two bikes use a fixie from bike great for cadence training and my roubiax. Shift work is the killer for me

  29. Antoine Morin-Prévost

    When I commute to work its a race, I'm giving it 110% and will chase anyone who passes me, if any. Great video, felt very Top Gear-ish, which is a good thing !

  30. mob is the best

  31. Cool vid. I think the type of bike you choose also depends a lot on the route! What's the distance or the terrain you will encounter? I commute 6 miles through heavy city traffic on a Trek FX. No trails, lots of lights, lots of hills. I need the gears for the hills, tho I sometimes like to smash on the way home bc I know I can hop right in the shower. Also the upright riding allows me to really keep my head up to see traffic. It's quick when it wants to be, also relatively light and has rack/fender mounts.

  32. this is hybrid bike? wtf!!

  33. Would have been better if it was: Single gear fixie bike v Hybrid bike v BMX v Racing bike.

  34. is the folding bike actually worth it?

  35. I commute to school.

  36. Twenty plus years of 17k regular bike commute.Using a homemade recumbent now,more fun as it's nearly all downhill to work,no sweat.

  37. cyclocross?!?!?! I commute on my touring bike with 29×2 tires. Basically runs over everything and keeps going. Best commute bike ever, or my fixed gear for the more relaxed days

  38. This video made my day! Thanks for the great and entertaining content!

  39. I seiously doubt that a race bike will make much of a difference when it comes to time, maybe shaving off a few minutes. I would definately go with matt's road bike with fenders.

  40. think you should of tried a mountain bike vs road

  41. James The eggplant

    I'm new to this and I want to start commuting to work period I'm from America so I don't know what they're talking about. What is a cross bike?

  42. Jannik M. Meissner

    I would take Matt's scenic route on the fast bike…

  43. Jakub 1910 alias Krasty01

    Matt: Where's your cycling kit? Dan: Up your ass, around the corner, on the third shelf in the bucket

  44. I ride to school just on my mountain bike that's all I need

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