Folding Bikes The Truth

Folding Bikes The Truth


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  1. AFreakinProblem

    I still laugh at him ragging on the small wheels. He should do himself a favor and get an old speed oriented Moulton with some 16 or 17 inch wheels on it.

  2. I live in a small NYC apartment… I tried keeping a regular sized bike in here and it was an awful experience… I don't want to ride a folding bike, but for some, it's a viable option.

  3. I wanted a review of a folding bike, not a silly man not acting his age.

  4. Scott McCormick

    Cuntiest video I've ever watched on YouTube. I hope you get hit by a bus on your cuntier cunt bike.

  5. arrogant prick

  6. blardy waste of time watching a twit on vid

  7. This is a shit video Harley. You've missed the point completely.

  8. Peeling Pedaler

    It's amazing how many people take these hilarious videos way too seriously. They are actually providing a literal reason for folding bikes as if Harley doesn't understand the purpose himself.

  9. I bought me a folding bike because I don't have the place but I want to go outside for a ride. And yes you are right, the first thing I thought was that there is something wrong with me. After decades folding bikes are cool again and people love them.

  10. Why a folding bike? I can't get on a UK bus/train with a full sized bike, they are easier to store for those of us who don't have a garage or garden space.

  11. The only truth here is that the guy is a tool. Folding bikes can be ridden fast and you can tour on them just like you can be a douche on a big wheeled bike… it's the rider that matters, not the type of bike.

  12. Good to see you understand the importance of being objective when exposing the truth about a subject. Ignoring this principal can leave you looking like a w****r. I'm sure this is something you would want to avoid.

  13. This guy is a total knobber, brains = 0. I'm glad he shared his diet with us.

  14. I dont know what is it like in your country, but in Thailand you cant board the sky train with full size road bike during rush hours, and not at all in metro. However, both of these transportation system allowed folding bike to be carried on, folded ofcause, at all time. Hoped you had a good time during your stay.

  15. AFreakinProblem

    lol you do realize smaller wheels accelerate better than large ones if the gear ratio doesn't suck right? Also the primary audience for folders is commuters. btw all the fastest land speed records have been set with wheels that range from 17 to 20 inches.

  16. cause a brompton fits in the back of my 2 seater sportscar, thats why, and how the fuck did you pull that girl? is she blind? and one more thing, why? why? do you sound like such a cunt.

  17. Dejan Zabaljac

    Folding bike,track bike,road bike etc…
    They still do the same basic thing…makes you pedal.
    Folding bike beats a car anytime.
    Just keep pedal…and God speed.

  18. I want a fowding boike because a fowding boike fits in a suitcase.

  19. What a piece of crap. Bromptons like the one you were riding are excellent bikes which can an do go fast. They are excellent for urban and densely populated cities and apartment living, mix-mode transport in other word getting on an off public transport. You can take them in to buildings which most places will tell you you cant enter with a bike. you can carry it on to planes and carry on baggage. they are great to shop with and they can be put into shopping cat mode. These bike are extremely practical for the average cyclist. People use them for cycle touring, climb the Doi and ridden endurance length ride on Bromptons. This was a silly elitist video

  20. The Aussie accent is the worst ever, not helped when this Aussie talks out of his arse.

  21. I want a fucking folding bike because it fucking folds.

  22. Gabriel Molina

    dude, it is for commuters who also need to take a bus or a subway, and to be honest I think it is fun, I just got one and enjoy it so much.

  23. ive got a folding bike. if biking and public transport are your only methods of transport then having a folding bike can expand your possible routes – it seems a sensible solution. I used to commute to manchester from ormskirk some bits by bus, some bits by rail, some bits by bike. a normal bike wouldn't have allowed me to do that (they don't allow you to take bikes on buses in the uk) i could have only got the train which would have been about 1/3 dearer and therefore i just wouldn't have been able to afford to do teacher training on that basis. Your entitled to your opinion durianrider- its just not valid though

  24. Richard Jacobs

    i've got 4 bikes. One of them is a folder. I do 2,000 miles per year on it. I've cycled across Canada and Europe with it, with luggage. I can pop onto trains, buses and planes without any hassle, bring it into my room in a rough neighbourhood and put it in the back of the car when I meet my other half.
    Would I offroad in it? no? Would I cross the Alps with it? Of course not. Does it allow me to do things I couldn't on a full size bike? absolutely.
    You don't get folding bikes because you don't do that lifestyle.

  25. why a folding bike?
    then why a road bike?

    its what folding bike riders want. its that simple.
    who are you to judge what people want to ride?
    people ride bmx, mtb, roadie, fatty and etc because thats what they want! jump a freakin roadbike on dirt tracks and youll have your answer to that why.

  26. I ride my folding bike when I have an injury and on off days when I take the train to work. Also great piece of engineering, great carbon footprint, low cost and compact. I don't actually care whether it looks cool or not I save that for my races on my Pinarello Dogma

  27. freedom Cycling

    Crap Video what was the point

  28. Edwin Henry Blachford

    I'm building an Angus sliding seat rowing boat that can take a folding bike and folding trailer in the front compartment. So you can pull the boat over dry bits. I can't imagine any other reason to have a folding bike ( bike riding commando's launched from submarine torpedo tubes? )

  29. Jane Goodnut said it perfectly well. I have a "briefcase bike" and its the best purchase investment that I have ever made. While others lock their bikes to go to the market, and pray its there upon their return, I fold mine and take it in the store. No Tour De France with my bike, just simple easy city living and getting around without the extra baggage a conventional bike instills.

  30. Christian Winata

    What is wrong with folding bike? what is wrong with you?

  31. I laughed so hard at the beginning

  32. calcagnolibero

    .Why you wanna have a fouldin boike? Can't stand the accent

  33. My folder has gone with me on my travels and has allowed to to explore the areas very easily. I have also done some mini tours, commutes to work and can get away with places that I can not do on my road bike. Plus there are lots of buildings, busses and trains that won't allow bikes to get in. A folder is actually more useful than a racing road bike…………

  34. Robert Shuttlewood

    you're a twat.

  35. Animate Yourself

    I almost thought about getting one just so I could take it inside grocery stores while touring. My last bike was stolen and it makes me never want to leave my bike out of my sight again.

  36. What shades are those Harley?

  37. Lee Hargreaves

    None of my friends ONLY have a folding bike. By Brommie is one of 7 bikes I own. If I want to go fast I grab the carbon TREK or my Orbit Single-Speed. If I want to explore a city then I take the Brompton and take it into the Cafe with me.

    There's a time and a place for most bikes.
    I don't want to explore a city wearing Lycra and cleats and I don't want to climb the local Hampshire hills on my Brompton wearing jeans.

  38. What a hilarious little macho man.

    He REALLY doesn't get it.

    UNnnnnnbelieveable ….but sadly true

  39. What an indoherent video.

  40. why do you keep putting clips of freelee, thats gay.

  41. I've been 80km hour on a Brompton, no dramas steering. City like London is perfect for one…but I assume you're trolling and I've fallen victim lol

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