Dahon vs Brompton folding bike – Which is the Best?

Dahon vs Brompton folding bike – Which is the Best?


The video compares design and performance between a Dahon and Brompton folding bike. Which is the best folding bike manufacturer?


  1. Brompton vs Dahon Folding Bike – A New Comparison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXUV__yf2iM

  2. I had a Dahon for many years, switched to Brompton two years ago, I now own two Bromptons. I have been biking seriously for 50 years, it is my only mean of transportation. Travelled the world with my Brompton, carried it in all kind of public transit. It is impossible to even compare the two. Brompton kills Dahon for what is the purpose of a folding bike, portability. I gave away my Dahon and for nothing in the world would go back to them.

  3. Keith Mcdaniel

    I have never ridden a Dahon, but I have ridden my Brompton for 20-mile rides around town more than a few times. I have also stuffed it into a travel bag and taken it to Thailand where I managed to cover 50 miles in one day after carting it with me from Bangkok to Chumpon on the train. Admittedly, it is relatively heavy: mine weighs about 28 pounds, but after seeing its treatment by airline baggage handlers first-hand, I think Brompton’s designers made a good trade-off between weight and durability. 🙂

  4. Mauricio Cortés García

    I had a dahon mu sl, its aluminum hinges are a disgrace, broke and I play that bike, bad, now I have a brompton, heavier but much stronger, two years of hard work and is intact, if they hate their Money and they want to go away, buy a dahon, if you look for a bike for many years, get a brompton, the dahon are some shit cheating people selling junk bikes that are no good, greetings from bogota colombia
    yo tuve una dahon mu sl, sus bisagras en aluminio son una desgracia, se rompio y me toco botar esa bicicleta, pesima, ahora tengo una brompton, mas pesada pero mucho mas fuerte, dos años de trabajo duro y esta intacta, si odian su dinero y lo quieren despediciar, compren una dahon, si busca una bici para muchos años, adquiera una brompton, los de dahon son unos pillos engañando a la gente vendiendo bicicletas basura que no sirven para nada, saludos desde bogota colombia

  5. biased garbage.

  6. this is an advert for Dahon not an unbiases repot

  7. I brought the Dahon initially due to cost however I did not enjoy riding the bike and it was bulky. I borrowed a friends Brompton (3 gears) which brought back the enjoyment of cycling – I have now purchased one which I use daily on my commute – would recommend saving a bit more money and buying a Brompton with more gears!

  8. Black Heart Inertia

    all these bikes have problems with the wheels. they loose air too rapidly. I like both anyway.. they are expensive but one of them is so much more expensive, ugly but practical and the other prettier. I would like to have both: for daily use then dahon … and for travel brompton

  9. Dahon sucks compared to Brompton. This channel is so biased it's ridiculous. I know at least 5 people who have had both Dahons and Bromptons, all of them had the Dahon first because it was cheaper. They all ended up getting Bromptons because they are a superior bike.

  10. Is this a Dahon advertisement? If so it should say no, not pretend to be a comparison review. I've never heard such twaddle.

  11. Biased video or even manipulating.

  12. hi are these bikes fast

  13. Michael Whitehead

    There's a lot of misinformation here unfortunately and definitely biased towards dahon. I have to say that having tried both it's a Brompton for me. I have a long commute which is also hilly coming up… Almost all uphill to be honest and I would definitely disagree with the comments on Bromptons bets for short rides. Do you work for dahon by any chance or have some sort of deal with them to promote their fold up?

  14. Ehi donk, what about the real best folding bike ever, Riese & Muller Birdy mark3???

  15. If Dahon is low quality then half the bikes in the Tour de France are also. On my Mu LT11 Dahon make the fame and the handlepost (no complaints with either). EVERYTHING else is by a well respected name. Shimano Ultegra drivetrain, FSA crankset, WTB rims, American Classic hubs, ControlTech carbon seatpost, handlebars and fork, TRP brakes and levers etc. How can a Brompton be better quality when every component is top of the line?…

  16. Nice Dahon-advert!

  17. Charles Plager

    Saying that you shouldn't ride the Brompton far because it's not meant for that is, well, stupid. People have ridden Brompton bicycles thousands and thousands of miles and tour all over the world with them. Brompton's folding mechanism is not "outdated."

  18. so many people worshipping brontom just because it is English and expensive. Fortunately I don't care about European industrial glory days gone by. Brontom is by far more modern, faster and better crafted, and cheaper, rolling it around just require the 20 USD optional landing gear that still makes it half the price of a Bontom. Also, whoever says that Brontom, with it's steel frame, smaller wheels, longer handlebar and seat post is stiffer is making shit up, they aren't and they can't be, it is a matter of design no matter your perception…but if you want to go really cheap, go Peerless, the Chinese Brontom clone, you can buy one for you, your wife, your son and daughter, the annoying neighbors' kid, and the dog for the price of a Bromtom, lol.

  19. Zerobladetion Wot

    Their both expensive I rather stick with hasa it cheap and decent enough.

  20. No the Brompton can be use for long trip…

  21. This video is useless and very misleading, I've ridden three Dahons into the ground, they are what I would call average quality and the ride is nothing special. A year ago being fed up with Dahon I purchased a Brompton which now has 2500 miles on it including a 750 mile on and off road self supported bike tour through the Hawaiian islands and a 500 mile self supported bike tour from the Canadian border in the San Juan's to Newport Oregon, the Brompton still rides like a new bike, is in perfect condition and rides like a dream. I don't know who these clowns are who made this video but one thing for sure is there is nothing valid in it. Test ride them both and make the decision for yourself.

  22. The Flying Brompton

    Brompton = Rolls Royce of folding bikes. Dahon = Kia of folding bikes.

  23. Found your video extremely biased and also offering some misinformation. Can't speak for the Dahon which I haven't ridden, but you put things almost dissuading people to go for a Brompton. First, the 1-speed is NOT the most popular model, that would be the 3-speed. The 1-speed would be the most economical and lightweight. You assessment that the Brompton was 'designed' for short trips and that people shouldn't ride it to work is also wrong. Many people all over have taken Bromptons when touring extensively and riding them for many miles without any trouble. I certainly ride many miles commuting in my town without any hassle. There are many videos of people traveling great distances on those little 16 inch wheels like a breeze.

  24. Bicycle RUSSIA – the BEST!!!

  25. I own a Brompton and i have ridden many miles on it with no problems whatsoever they are basic in design making it easy to maintain they are solid in build they fetch a good resale value mines been stored in many a tight space when i was last on the train as my Brompton was small enough to go under the table there was a person with his folded dahon coming apart in the corridor of the train it certainly didnt want to keep its fold dahons just fold in half I dont rate the build quality a dahon is fine to chuck in the boot of your car but I wouldnt class it as a contender to a Brompton the Brompton is far better

  26. tillallareoneluv

    Every "review" in the internet age that ask the question which is better, should just answer: it depends.

  27. I have done 36 miles on the on a single trip with brompton, no big deal. You can definitely ride it everyday to work.

  28. As a Tern and Brompton owner, I vastly prefer the Brompton when it comes to cycling long distance. Let's compare in detail.

    Folding size and portability– Brompton.. hands down.

    Ride quality– Brompton. It is not as stiff as my Tern Al-frame.

    Speed– Tern. It uses standard parts and I have upgraded mine to 10-speed Ultegra groupset with slick, high pressure tyres.

    Weight– Tern. But that's after a lot of component upgrading.

    Accessories– Draw. Brompton uses the unique Brompton luggage system, while Tern uses the standard Klickfix attachment system.

    It seems like a draw. But one has to factor in unforeseeable circumstances. A few months ago, I was cycling along a beach when I had a sudden stomach ache. I folded my Brompton and rolled it into the toilet cubicle to relieve myself. No way can I do that with Tern.

    The superior ride quality and the small wheels of the Brompton made urban cycling much more fun! Secondly, try rolling down a slope at 46-48 kmh on both bikes. The Tern vibrated much more than Brompton and made furious rattling sounds.

    In the end, I sold my Tern. No regrets!

  29. Brompton is too heavy and expensive. Dahon is cheap shit.better choice is bmw mini folding bike.

  30. I've owned a Tern, two Dahons, and a Brompton. The Tern (Verge x20) and Brompton (M6L) are superior to the Dahons (Speed P8 and Mariner). Not that the Dahons are terrible bikes — both are really good bikes, especially the Speed P8. But the Tern Verge x20 is superbly engineered, super fast, and has a better fold than either of the Dahons, and the craftsmanship, fold, utility, and just plain fun of the Brompton is beyond compare. So I've sold the Dahons and haven't looked back.
    The Tern is probably the best bike I can imagine ever owning. But somehow I find myself going time and again to the Brompton. It's just so much fun to ride, and the bag carrier bracket and the EZ wheels allow you to take it shopping hassle free. Another plus is that you can fold up the Brompton and take it anywhere in your car a bit easier than a Tern or Dahon, and you can even take it into restaurants and stores without any complaints from management or other customers. Thanks to these two bikes, but especially the Brompton, I hardly ever drive anymore.

  31. Bicycle RUSSIA – the BEST!!!

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