Cycling 101 | Best Road Bike Upgrades

Cycling 101 | Best Road Bike Upgrades


Bananiac discusses the best upgrades for road bikes that cyclists can make.

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  1. Your wrong carbon wheels (deep section) generally are heavier than alloy but much more aerodynamic

  2. Matthew Fetherston

    What about a nice leather saddle

  3. WRONG ceramic bearings wear FAST the clue is in the word ceramic.

  4. you are a special type of bum lol

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    lmao that hat

  7. Unless you're precluded from doing so because you're doing mass-start races, add a pair of clip-on aero bars to your list. The aero benefit is huge, and equally important, when you do very long rides, it affords another position that not just changes where your hands and wrist carry your weight, but completely removes that weight for your hands.

  8. Do you think you're better than me because I eat birds and fish? Organic for health considerations… Either way at least I'm stronger ;P

  9. Carbon wheels: pretty + aerodynamics + stiffness but not necessarily lighter and will not necessarily accelerate faster or climb faster — but will allow faster _average speeds, especially into the wind, or in windy conditions. Criticism mitigated by the advice on choice of depth immediately following,

  10. Rodrigo Ugarte

    Put a V8 engine on your bicycle.

  11. Excellent vid., you know your stuff!!!

  12. Thin tires aren't faster anymore. Wide has a narrow contact patch = faster.

  13. how 130mm you stem ?

  14. great video, lots of good advice. im probably more in the "dont just assume expensive is better" camp.
    i just picked up a 350 euro B-Twin Triban 500 to replace my MMR GRIP which got stolen and i really cant fault it as a stop gap commuter bike.
    the only thing that might be a problem is that it has internal crank bearings. otherwise its a light bike and the frame is very stiff. the group set is unbranded cheap stuff but it works just fine ( i might swap the wheels for some shimano R500's for safety). even the paint job is pretty cool. money isnt everything i guess.

  15. 2000km on my 10USD cheap tires and not one puncture. 🙂

  16. Ballard Edwards

    You mentioned cranks, I'm 6'3". What do you think of me using 180's instead of stock 175's. What size do the pros, my size, use.

  17. 7:25 Chain catcher! that's a gem!

  18. This guy actually speaks 100% sense. Aluminium is as good as carbon. Wish Id watched this first and saved £££s. There nothing wrong in spending money on a bike. But not wasting it on stuff you'll never use. Well done, Bananiac. A victory for common sense! 🙂

  19. Great vid. 👍

  20. Emanuele Perdoncin

    Global Cycling thank u!!!

  21. Pummelo Power

    Great vid. How about carbon fiber top cap and spacers? Cheap way to drop a couple of grams.

  22. Very informative..thumbs up!

  23. #1 imo is power meter

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