Comparison of 26″ vs 20″ inch Folding Bikes – Calgary | Tern | Montague | Dahon | Brompton | Alberta

Comparison of 26″ vs 20″ inch Folding Bikes – Calgary | Tern | Montague | Dahon | Brompton | Alberta


You can find more information about folding bikes from link below
Which folding bike is right for you? We show you the pro’s and con’s of each model, and demonstrates how to fold each bike.


  1. Great post– thank you very much. Next time we are in Calgary we will definitely stop in! (LIke the look of those gloves you've got.. )

  2. I would go for the 26" wheeled folding bike EACH TIME. By the way most buses right now? They all have bicycle racks on the front of the bust so traveling by intermodal is now easy and completely practical, so practical now that you don't really need a car to go around. I'm a volunteer from a food bank and I travel about 25 miles and I put my bicycle on the front rack of a bus and this is what i do 3 X a week. No car payments, no insurance no registration fees I'm never gonna get towed and parking is ALWAYS FREE and accessible. Now try doing that with your car traveling on any city in the United States or Canada and let me know if this would work for you. 🙂

  3. This video cleared a lot of my questions, thanks

  4. Mate Argentino

    Muy acertado! muchas gracias

  5. Hola gracias por el video, me aclaro muchas dudas, saludos desde Venezuela

  6. Thank you for share that was really helpful.

  7. Jonathan Benjamin

    nice review. thanks

  8. Jogie Glen Mait

    26 inch looks more like a full mountain bike. mountain folding bike?

  9. Erick Schaefer

    Excellent comparison! I'm wondering is there anything in the middle? Maybe a 24"?

  10. Excellent presentation! Best to you!!!

  11. Gianna Giavelli

    question: what do you think of the dahon briza for taller riders (6') and does it have the gearing to get around a hilly city?

  12. how about a 24 inch?

  13. Maybe around maybe 15 or 16 in in length and 4 1/2 in in width, and also it has a strap for skate board

  14. Hi
    Thanks for the video. Hey do you think safety will differ for an ameteur rider?

  15. Thanks, and nice comparison, but do you think a 20 in fit in a book bag?

  16. Enrique Saunders

    Thank you for the comparison video. I'm looking to buy a 20-inch folding bicycle for transport around London. I will be living in a city outside London, so taking it on the train is a necessity 🙂 I hope that the smaller wheel size doesn't limit my travel options since you said they're better for short distances and I'm planning to go around the whole city, and I'm also 6 feet tall! Will definitely have to go for a test ride first.

  17. Great video. Great layout. I liked how when you described the difference each time the video paused with a summary. Then moved on to the next. Great presentation, I've made up my mind now 👍🏾

  18. Alejandro Umali

    Great tips. Although you'll be surprised there are people who ride 20 inch folding bikes in Audax 600 kilometer runs spanning 2-3 days haha

  19. justice4germans

    it seems I need a 23" bike

  20. Excellent video, useful and right to the point!

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