Colorado Trail – The Best Mountain Bike Trail in the World?

Colorado Trail – The Best Mountain Bike Trail in the World?


A movie about three good friends, the Colorado Trail and mountain bikes!
Check out my gear list for the trip here


  1. Outstanding video, and thank you for the English subtitles.

  2. En fantastisk video. Flott natur og mye bra sykling. Drømmer om å kunne ta turen!!!

  3. Amazing video! Very inspiring. My first thought after watching it was "man, I wonder what they had in their backpacks…"–and then saw the gear list link. Awesome info.

  4. Fantastic vid! Makes me want to go out there myself!

  5. Colorado Biking

    This is a great video! I caught it through my TV and it was like watching a professional made film. One of the best bike videos I've ever seen and you really highlight the CT. Well done!

  6. This could be the best video ever made of biking the Colorado Trail. Also, I noticed that you guys packed everything on your back, which I think is by far a better option than all these guys you see that weigh the bike down with gear. Well done all the way around!

  7. Justin Marvonek

    You've inspired me. How many miles did you cover? Where did you start?

  8. Thanks for sharing this epic adventure with us!!

  9. hakan yıldırım

    awesome nature

  10. Some inspirational stuff, thank you from New Zealand!!

  11. Great video.

  12. Eduardo Saavedra

    Simply awesome! Jonas, do you have the information about the trip? Like, do you have to ask for permission somewhere, places to stay/eat when not camping, gpx of the trail? I'm really interested in doing something like this!

  13. This may be the best youtube video I have see! And thanks for the gear list. I think I'm going to try this trail.

  14. And not one flat cap in sight! Refreshing! Inspirational stuff lads

  15. beautifull and amazing, i love your video

  16. E-MountainBiker

    Great video, Bravo Guys!

  17. what an epic ride !!!!!!!

  18. This vid inspires me so much great job guys keep up the good work!✊🏽💚

  19. Great video! I've wanted to go back to Colorado ever since the first time I went there. Such a beautiful place. Really amazing.

  20. Christopher Thorsell-Blank

    Helt klart en av de bättre mtb-filmerna jag sett på länge… Suverän blandning på humor, singletrackshots och dok. bra jobbat och tack för åkturen 🙂

  21. this is awesome!! great video guys, dream journey 😉

  22. Jonas M ,thnx brother. I listened to it and its awesome. Thnx for sharing

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