I bought a scooter for $20 and fixed it up and traded for a this bmx.
Got this Bmx Bike for pretty cheap
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  1. i'll buy that off of you lol

  2. I have the same colour bike, I'm really deciding weather I should have black tyres or these colour

  3. can i get one bruu

  4. can u give me pls

  5. How does one get a good bmx at this price?

  6. the paintjob is horrible

  7. i just want a bike wear i can cruise and do wheelies can someone name something

  8. This is not so cheap cause the tyre is 1000peso per tyre and that was not 50dollar

  9. Nice specialised frame I have a silver one

  10. what is the company of these bike

  11. thanks for not showing me how to make a 50$ bmx bike like the title implies if I wanted to see a bike assembled I would of searched that

  12. Keep up the good work

  13. what does it mean frame impact

  14. parts used?

  15. FalloutGamer 365


  16. This looks awesome bro

  17. How the f*ck this cost just 50$? WTF, i can.t even find tires cheaper then 20$ ( 1 tire-20$ ), and u made a nice looking BMX with 50$, GOOD JOB brah!!

  18. i can't get over those tires! i want to get another bmx bike because the one i have now is older than me and i want to get a new one with those tires

  19. Would u be willing to sell this bike

  20. how much for the bike without wheels,pedals,handlebars and seat I will take it off ur hands

  21. Go check out the newest video and give me some video ideas!

  22. What is the background music

  23. Aiden Radosevich

    Where are your pegs? Eh whatever can't expect much from $50

  24. love the video tho

  25. please let me know the set up!

  26. julian gonzalez

    what were you using to make the frame glossy

  27. Denielle De Jesus

    Mine is a 20 2.125 is that OK

  28. Denielle De Jesus

    What size is your wheel

  29. How did you got that so cheap holy shit :O

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