Brumotti – Road Bike Freestyle 2

Brumotti – Road Bike Freestyle 2


Vittorio Brumotti does it again! Road Bike Freestyle 2 shows the Italian trials superstar taking it up a notch on a road bike.

Martyn Ashton’s Road Bike Party inspired Brumotti to change his trials riding to using a road bike and take it to a whole new level, showing off his incredible riding skills. From the Tinkoff Saxo team bus, to Italian quarries via the Californian sunshine, Road Bike Freestyle 2 showcases Vittorio’s incredible riding around the world

Vittorio rides a Montante bike with FSA components, Vision wheels and Crank Brothers pedals. We’re grateful to Expo Milan 2015 and Livigno for help with locations and the rest of Brumotti’s sponsors, EICMA, Tinkoff Saxo, Multipower, Lotto, Hot Wheels, Sportful, SBS, Carrera, Limar, Incomedia and City Time for their support.

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  1. its not that bad as its pretended in gta

  2. Is it just me or did they pinch every scene directly from Martyn Ashton's Road Bike Party video? Skateboard… planes…. etc.

  3. omg sickest video i've ever saw !! liked and subbed

  4. Amazing freestyle, great edit

  5. Some people are just superhuman

  6. Ethan Patterson

    Now some one just got to tell me how the fuck u can hit the thumbs down button after watching this!!!! Uhhh, yeah u give me the answer after after I see your bitching ass do the shit in this video!!

  7. Thanks you for blowing my mind to day , i alway wonder is it possible to wheely when descend , today is the day u show me outside of the boxx

  8. 왜 댓글이 다 영어냐

  9. Those bib shorts must have amazing padding for accommodating his Big Balls

  10. Great job but one thing 🤔 wrong bike buddy 😂

  11. Forza juventus

  12. Get this man a trials bike

  13. Hayden Williams


  14. The seatheight is obviously wrong

  15. How much tires was killed in the video😂😂

  16. Аза Азович


  17. I tried that once but I died.

  18. Ρε τι έκανε ο αθρωπας

  19. Astonishing riding technique.

  20. Jeffrey Scheffer

    X cuse me is that youre wife? Great skills boy but why whit a racebike

  21. elizeu vilasboa


  22. New Fabio Wibmer! 😀

  23. Amazzzzing…!!!!???? woow

  24. My Hero, Bromotti! Asta da barbat.

  25. What is the name of the bike he is riding can anyone tell me plz…

  26. He has 'mastered' a bicycle!

  27. Patrick Gil Villaruel

    They really love skate boards huh😂

  28. abbombazzzaaa!

  29. Crazy men. Amazing

  30. Heavy …

  31. 😲 no comments…

  32. What shoes is he wearing?

  33. İ am better than him, i can do bunnyhop 1cm

  34. Where are those airplanes?

  35. tout simplement doué "très Doué "

  36. 😍😵

  37. amazing dude 🙈

  38. Amazing!

  39. Aziz Mert Yazgaç

    nice foto montage dude

  40. this bike cost around 11.000€

  41. waaaaaaw

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