Bought an INSANE Electric Bike!!

Bought an INSANE Electric Bike!!


Hi! If you’re reading this, I’d like to let you know that I now currently upload videos onto a BRAND NEW
I moved to new Jersey from LA to live with my family. I wanted to start a fresh channel with them so I can have it full of nothing but positivity and have only the people who WANT to support be able to watch and support. I’d love for you to check out some videos and see how you like them. There’s a lot more to come! If you enjoy them, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! 😀


  1. $9500 WTF i want a space ship for that price not a fucking mountain bike with batterys _

  2. Very nice video. What a bike. I cannot believe the retailer let you ride it without a helmet. We must set a good standard for the kids.

  3. And I thought the Bromptons where expenses!

  4. I do not understand what you mean I have a E-MTB BIke what is the "Insane" part of the E-bike?

  5. That's rob of, my friend sells only $500 for each electric bike. Robstep X1

  6. I have an electric bike that goes 30 miles an hour with a throttle and pedal assist

  7. I can back to watch all these old videos I miss the old fosey love you fuck the haters

  8. You should get a free e-bike for the free advert you gave them. ….or maybe you did ?

  9. 5:44 " Thanks for the free bike suckers !! "

  10. Emmo I ment

  11. Can you cheeck out the memo zone ebike please

  12. Accept that no one likes you.

  13. I got an electric bike too……I just love it and wouldn't ever go back to an ordinary push bike.

  14. I'm a Philippino and when I saw that uber I already new he was a philippino and I was so exited😂😂

  15. Every time I happen upon one of this guy's videos I get fucking annoyed af. You can tell this joto loves the cock up his ass

  16. Dra åt helvete

    10grand for a bike

  17. lol if we could smell through the camera it would smell like trash

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  19. AloisBlazit 005

    the beginning was a cringe over dose

  20. Fousey is actually so rich from youtube

  21. omg that was a lame happy birthday …but funny tho

  22. Too bad fousey left

  23. The LochNessVloggster

    lol what if he stole it

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