BMX Street Rider Desmond Rhodes – The King Of NYC Streets: Asphalt NYC

BMX Street Rider Desmond Rhodes – The King Of NYC Streets: Asphalt NYC


In the second installment of “Asphalt NYC”, legendary New York City street BMX rider Desmond “Blackman” Rhodes talks about his past, and his future. He then hits the streets to tackle a deadly kink rail over in Queens that he’s secretly had on his radar for years.


  1. Braden Disbrow

    Call me

  2. Hijo de puta levántate los pantalones de mierda

  3. Retramonguer

  4. commitment, more you fail more you succeed.

  5. he should try to do The titanic scene

  6. Billy Neighbour


  7. "My name is Desmond Rhodes … aka 'Blackman' … I ride street EVERY DAY!" From the Ride BMX film "Living in Exile. Desmond! It is good to see you again. I'm so glad you are still riding! You inspire me.

  8. It's amazing, so cool!

  9. riding on a cop car will get you arrested. pull up your pants stupid.

  10. блять братан не позорься подтени штаны а то как пидр

  11. XxPastaMan26xX

    whenever they showed the high bridges for a second i thought if he was going to jump off of them

  12. Matthew Giumelli

    less complaining and more riding. Great talent tho!!

  13. Илюха Братуха

    Штаны подтяни, черножопый бля

  14. Buddhism Karma

    godbless yuh bruh keep up the GREAT WORK MY BROTHA

  15. captain sharky987

    Pull up your pants

  16. HoodHappy is a BMX OG, always been one of the best/craziest outta the East Coast. Much Love!!

  17. Good video but the 3 different ad's on screen I had to click to get rid off didn't make me want to watch

  18. what bike is that? i thought its the rider not the bike..

  19. Somebody buy this guy a belt

  20. Authentic ride .

  21. Как так можно носить штаны…

  22. i like bmx

  23. I like how he performs countless maneuvers. there's more to life than just doing wheelies, mates.

  24. Dis dude grew up in da hood.


    Súbete los pantalones nigga y las re mil putas que te parioooooo ! jajajaja

  26. Hello 911? Yes there is a black man bunny hopping my moped

  27. Is this guy still riding? He would be wicked doing colab with Austin Augie.

  28. VileProductions

    Love it

  29. hello are rich

  30. Daniel Valente

    This is BMX he said fuck you're sponsors. He original.

  31. Y'all dudes worrying about another man pants. Sounds suspect to me.

  32. Incredible Titan

    I love this, he's making something out of nothing

  33. Fucking pull your pants up. Chee

  34. cool videos guys good luck

  35. Something makes me want to buy a better bike for him

  36. Element Poetic

    for some reason he reminds me of hopsin.

  37. On banyhopa robi na 2metry xd

  38. Lol jaki pros z ciebie gościu

  39. Somebody partner up with this dude don't try to sponsor him offer him a 50/50 deal and give him his own bike. I'll buy 4 right now and I'm too old to be riding but I'll give two to my kids and hold the other as trophies that how much raw talent this dude has.much respect ✊ bK all day.

  40. ehgemus roblox bulids

    I mean I love bmx

  41. ehgemus roblox bulids

    I love bmx so much

  42. pull your fucking pants up

  43. Blackman ur the real deal. I got nothin but massive RESPECT 4 u as a person and as a BMX rider.
    U know as soon as i heard about u back in 06, it was always the same shit, Blackman's a mad rider but the kid is shady, he does this, he does that, stole some kids bike blah blah blah. U know everyone hated on u and u were just 16yrs old. U know all i saw when i watched u ride NYC at 16 4 the Animal video, was holy FUCK, there is actually some one that can ride street better than Edwin Delarosa. I didn't think street riding could evolve any further than Edwin and god damn did that kid have talent. He also was one tough muthafuckr who could slam so hard and still get back up and do the trick.
    But Desond i knew as soon as i saw ur part that was it, street Bmx was never going to be the same again.
    2017 and u proved me right. Ur bike skills have progressed beyond belief. The smoothness and rhythm of ur riding is totally insane. FUCK FUCK FUCK I need to smoke some more weed, these Blackman videos r like pure crack. I'm fucked up now.

  44. lilmike thebeast

    I have a shitty mongoose index 2.0 XD even if I had a real bike I can't do tricks to save my life lol

  45. シバター信者


  46. he got style just needs to do more airing

  47. Lalrinliana Mizo

    dude ur awesome

  48. represent

  49. i like this kid.

  50. Valley Bmx Riders

    you don't need a mid bottom bracket for the rail it's just depends on the frame size and bottom bracket height he probably knows that now but to who doesn't most street aftermarket BMX frames are good for that stuff

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