This video describes how to choose a good complete beginner Bmx bike. I address what to look for in a Bmx bike such as individual components and strong metals. This buying guide is based on a $300, $400 or $500 budget for your bmx bike. I hope that this video helps you find a good beginner complete Bmx street park, flatland or trails bike. A good website that you can shop for BMX bikes on is Danscomp.

They have a lot of love sales on their BMX parts and are very nice, reliable BMX riders. Some brands to look for in you first Bmx bikes are kink, fly bikes, fit Bmx bikes, we the people Bmx, cult Bmx and Sunday Bmx bikes. You want to have 3 piece cranks, some chromoly parts to keep the bike light, sealed bearings and an integrated headset.


  1. sunday blueprint 2017 is it good for 16years old 1.70 tall ?

  2. TheScootStudio

    You forgot about dirt jump

  3. what is the size of that bike? 20

  4. i just want a bike wear i can cruise and to wheelies

  5. so kink is shit? cuz I got my bike from a bike shop thay sells every kind of bike.

  6. Bro wtf man 2 and 2.5 piece cranks are good guys he missed a lot do not base all of this on what he's saying yes a lot is right street u do not need 4 piece bars for street 4 piece is weaker and heavier but still good they're literally preference not what is required literally has nothing to do with the style of bmx do more research

  7. DarkenedVortexGames

    What category of bikes would you put the Nordstrom 1 under?

  8. my Park bike was stolen

  9. Are you gay? Also does your mother know your gay?

  10. Stanley smith

    Is it ok that my Haro downtown was $500

  11. Jonny bailey :)

    What your bike

  12. Jonny bailey :)

    What your bike

  13. Is 26 pounds ok?

  14. I just bought a mongoose….thats right I said it. mongoose. The Legion100 is only 240 bucks brand new and is full 4130 chromoly with double wall rims 3 piece chromo cranks, 21" top tube, Mid Sealed Bearing, 48 spline axle….and free shipping…if your new to BMX go get that shit on amazon. its a steal.

  15. Lucas Trudell

    This helped me soooo much

  16. What about dirt and vert

  17. rip me i have buyed a 22 inch wheel bmx when i am 12 years old and i cant do a bunny hop!

  18. Gabriel Reaves

    I'm getting a cheap 150 dollar box and It is 28 pounds can that ride dirt jumps and dirt tracks

  19. I can't find anywhere how much the Sunday scout weighs, do you know?

  20. If you're buying a race bike make sure it's no heavier than 21lbs. If you weigh less than 165lbs get a 20.25 or 20.5 tire
    Quality brands are Redline, Chase, GHP, or Haro

  21. like the Adam lz sticker

  22. Rip headphone users

  23. Greg Valentine

    The dog barking 😂😂😂

  24. what's a good size bike/wheels for 5'7" guy old enough to be your dad?
    no real experience but super fit. I am guessing a24" with maybe a dropper post?

  25. Should i buy a framed attack pro bmx bike im a bigginer the bike cost 298

  26. Rip headset users

  27. FuckMe Sideways

    I have a subrosa kobza salvador (lahsaan) it's 27 pounds it's really good for tricks it's 400

  28. I might get made fun of this but is a mongoose brawler pro good

  29. I got a cult gateway 2017. Is this bike any good or is it shit?

  30. there is only 3 race freestyle and street

  31. park and street bike is same

  32. I'm 13 and I'm 5"6 would I be good on a 20 inch frame

  33. Graham Scoots

    you are very uneducated. very hard video to watch.

  34. Surge Cushman

    Thanks for the headphone warning

  35. you forgot trails :<

  36. Im 4 11" im short should i get 20 inch wheels

  37. How long does it take to learn how to 180

  38. What is a cheapish bike for park/street

  39. Tevorek Motovlogs

    What is a good Sunday bike with everything you recommended? Also if I'm 5'9 should I get 20.5 or 20.75 if I've never rode a bmx bike? I'm looking for street / park

  40. do bike check video man

  41. Do you live in Florida?

  42. That shit was funny fam, nice vid!

  43. nice vid! love your tutorials!

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