Bike Parkour -Streets of San Francisco!

Bike Parkour -Streets of San Francisco!


I got to work with some of the best Trials bikers in the country take on the City by the Bay in the Fusion Energi and CMAX Energi.
Super thanks to Ford for making this video happen! Video wouldn’t have been possible without Ford, and the amazing athletes we got to work with.


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  10. Claire Garside

    They were sick

  11. caraca, e eu aki tirando onda porqueque consigo soltar uma mão da bike

  12. 50 Stitches Steel

    That move at 2:48! sick

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  14. Me: I can ride my bike with one hand!

    After i watch the video

    Me: Um nevermind

  15. hola a todos mi sucriyores y a otros q miran mi video no subo videos porq estoy muy ocupado

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  17. Shahzadmirza Mirza

    Wow this new gta Looks really good

  18. Subline The dark surviver

    Is this real
    Awesome 😎

  19. Would love to see this at Nashville TN or Memphis TN

  20. The guy with yellow shirt has done some Gta 5 stunts awesome great job

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  23. this is super cool. I've been to all these places in SF, so it's even cooler to see what you guys have done with it!

  24. Just bought my son a BMX bike. He'll be doing this in a week or so.

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  26. valparaiso gopro, chile. it is better 😀

  27. Devilly Mccallum

    if I was him in the yellow shirt I would go to Amanda got tlant

  28. nice good stunt

  29. this motherfuckers dont even know real bmx tricks and they use bmx

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  31. Awesomeness Is True

    I watched this when I was 3 now I'm 10

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  33. Coffee Prosecutor

    Such awesome moves, dayum.

  34. How to say the song in the clip

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