Enjoy best New ENDURO / ALL MOUNTAIN / TRAIL Bikes of 2017
TOP 10:
BMC Trailfox TF02 X01
Canyon Spectral CF 9.0
Commencal Meta V4 Race
Cube Fritzz 180 HPA SL
GT Sanction Team
Kona Process 153DL
Mojo-Nicolai Geometron
Orbea Rallon X-Team 2016
Scott Genius LT 700 Tuned
Specialized S-Works Enduro 29


  1. howard alexander

    The superbly performing Fox Float X2 air shock comes as standard on the M-Team build

  2. Austin Rutherford

    The Fox DHX2 coil shock is spec'd on the M-LTD bike, but it's available as an upgrade on the other two models

  3. jeffrey phillips

    The Race Face Next SL bar and Turbine stem gave a predictable cockpit setup, but a little more rise on the handlebars would have been preferable

  4. Simone Schuhmacher

    GT Sanction is the best…

  5. i really like these type of video….Cube fritzz is good

  6. What about Polygon?

  7. Fajne rowerki

  8. Where is the YT Capra?

  9. How do you not have a Yeti on here with your Sega Genesis music.

  10. Grant glr05_savage

    I have a trek marlin 6

  11. GT. 👍

  12. Y don't they have camber ora stumpy!!!!

  13. Степан Ковалев

    This top sucks full! There is not a single bike with a hidden inside (Internal transmission)
    Tales with an external transmission – Very whimsical (they are afraid even twigs got into the transmission) About the dirt already and I do not speak

    External transmission – This is a morally obsolete transmission – very fragile and unreliable

    Maybe for well-groomed (prepared tracks) -This bikes and fit -But for this wild Enduro – They are like sissies

  14. It should be giant reign 1 specialized enduro 2 gt sanction 3 canyon spectral 4 trek remedy 5 commencial meta 6 santa cruz nomad 7 scott genius kona process 9 and finaly yt capra 10

  15. y la Trek Slash? Máquina…

  16. my ears are bleeding

  17. 🤒🤢👂🏼

  18. The title should be …bikes 2016, because at least the Cube Fritzz 180, is the 2016 model.

  19. worst music ive hear in months

  20. gt love

  21. flavio cognaco

    you forgot Yt, Trek and Santa Cruz

  22. worst music ever!
    Seriously, wtf?

  23. Kevin Anderson

    The Geomotron has to be the ugliest bike ever.

  24. love my Trek Remedy 8

  25. Don't think of it as a Mountain Bike–think of it as a steed. And a good steed is worth every penny.

  26. My current choice for hardcore enduro is still YT industries capra. Nice Video! For example I have a specialized…, too but the price-performance ratiopri is one of the worst in my opinion. The s-works are great but the price-diefference you can use for individual tuning… Sorry for my terrible english…. Sporty regards bro`s

  27. Where is the Mondraker?

  28. TheAwesomeMaster

    specialized swork enduro 29 (1st place) Costs 15000$!!!!!!!!!

  29. Liteville 301 is a great enduro bike!!

  30. where dfq is bronson

  31. Look at those beauties wish I had one of them

  32. I seriously had to put the video on mute since the music is so damn annoying.

  33. fucking music

  34. Where is the Canyon Strive???????

  35. Zoran Randjelovic

    What….. no trek Fuel 9.8?

  36. No Patrol or Scout?

  37. where is giant trance?santa cruz nomad?trek?

  38. Shithappenswhenu

    lapierre zesty or spicy??

  39. Chris Kunstadt

    another slideshow with music.

  40. There was a canyon spectral but what about the canyon strive?

  41. Влад Ларин

    Автор видео, а Вы хоть слышали о таких производителях как "Intense", "Santa Cruz" ?

  42. music is retarded

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