Best of BMX Best Tricks – Nitro World Games

Best of BMX Best Tricks – Nitro World Games


BMX Best Tricks Results:

1) Ryan Williams
2) Kurtis Downs
3) Gavin Godfrey
4) Andy Buckworth
5) Brandon Schmidt
6) Jaie Toohey
7) Colton Satterfield
8) James Foster


  1. Was that Tanner Fox in the croud

  2. TheGodLike Stoffy

    Roses are red violets are blue i cam for the thumb nail and so did you

  3. impossiable

  4. Omfg awesome dude

  5. Samugisetia Samugisetia


  6. joshua kusuma putra


  7. W T F DID I JUST WATCH!?😱😵 INSANE! 💪💪👏👏👏👏👏

  8. Colson Rides 46

    Was the tanner i saw at 2:02?!?

  9. 2:01 Tanner Fox!!

  10. FrostBite Pokin

    The dude that got first wasn't that trick done by nicholi rogatkin on an mtb?

  11. 2:02 Tanner Fox

  12. James Stylianou

    2:18 5whip flip

  13. show!

  14. TheIcelizard82

    I thought two was more impressive than one, nicholi rogatkin constantly 1080 front flips on a mountain bike in competition, and he did a 720 tailwhip front flip

  15. king yuri sanchez miranda

    so very talented hooooo

  16. Zachary Malone

    2:00 tanner fox??


    5 not 4

  18. That nothing front bar flip… oh my god.

  19. After watching this the only conclusion i can come up with is "Daredevils going beyond the threshold to obtain immortality" Freaking insane viewing.

  20. Steven Foxworth

    funny I raced BMX in the 80's and I pulled a 1 footed table top on my hutch Tim judge edition during a national over a triple and people went nuts…obviously I wasn't in the lead… now look at the shit these guys do..

  21. DMC gave up counting, that wasnt 4 tailwhips, it was 5 !!!

  22. Josue Calderon Acosta

    q bueno

  23. Josue Calderon Acosta

    si ez bueno

  24. Steven Foxworth

    holy shit its amazing what these guys are able to pull off now a days.. incredible talent.

  25. Wow. 👍🤘

  26. 2:00 is that Tanner Fox?!

  27. Dkhairul vevo Dkhairul vevo

    hey guys did you guys see tanner fox on the Quaderple tail whip

  28. No trick counted

  29. Andrew Richardson

    At 2:01 the guys looks like tanner fox.

  30. I know r wili

  31. Offline Till 9/21/-18

    capron funk 2:29

  32. Dude in 2:01 looks like tenner fox

  33. 2:02 see tanner fox?

  34. did anyone notice tanner fox was in the crowd

  35. Jesse Schlemmer

    I watched this shit live on TV and was going nuts at the shit these people were throwing down. Crazy good dudes.

  36. wasn't it 5 whips and a backflip?

  37. Ryan Williams

  38. Andrew Brogden

    Was tfox in that

  39. is that TFOX? 2 01

  40. awesome!!!!!😨

  41. NewHampshire Bound


  42. MrsRandomMadeMeDoIt

    It was 4 WHIP Backflip not 5. The announcer counts to fast. Focus on the handlebar of the bike and count how many times the bike frame rotates around the handlebar it is clearly 4. Remember that no one has ever landed 5 Whip WITHOUT backflip.. so ofc it cant be 5W Backflip. It is a 4 Tail Whip backflip. its still absolutely insane.

  43. I literally felt my mind pop watching this

  44. Gavin Kowalski

    the one guy did a quint whip backflip

  45. gila bgt top top top

  46. Bekommst du das Geld nach Hause

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