Best Mountain Bikes Under £600

Best Mountain Bikes Under £600


If you’re just getting into the sport then it’s important to get the the best mountain bike you can afford. If your budget is tight, here are six of our favourites under £600.


  1. Luke Chamberlain yeadon

    Voodoos are terrible wtf

  2. thegamingRobot GR

    man i have cube aim sl 29er 2017 is it ok?

  3. Ermos Cimpoesu

    never heard of rockrider 540 s ?

  4. Could you do a video for under 500 please

  5. Sean Craigmile

    what about the carrera fury same spec as the bizango except 650b wheels and a 1x11sram nx drivetrain for £600

  6. Does a dog come free with every bike

  7. that dog haha<3

  8. Can someone help me i need a hardtail good bike for wheelies ty! Bike needs to be under $300 it doesnt need to be now 🙂

  9. I have a Voodoo Bizango and as a general trail bike it's fine. It doesn't feel very agile though and despite good specs for the money it's still an average bike imo.

  10. InDonald WeTrump

    Where is the Trek marlin 7

  11. wich is the number 1

  12. Mohamed Osama

    I just want a good quality, relatively lightweight, small for 17 year old 168 cm tall, that is capable for going on road and off road
    a comfortable and good handling
    I don't want something too amazing I just want something to works well and lightweight

  13. Saulius Svidinskas

    I don’t think so, that on this video is Scott Aspect 940! I think it’s Scott Scale 970. Few differences: (Aspect 940) XCM and (Scale970) XCR fork with Remote Lockout; Frame: (Scale970) seats stays don’t have “connecting tube”; tapered headtube; (Scale970) goes with Maxxis and (Aspect 940) goes with Kenda tires; also different wheels; stem; crankset etc.

  14. i wish i,d of watched this b4 buying my new bike , i,d of picked something else instead . i got the trek marlin 7 its ok the specs r a bit meh !!

  15. Wanna know why I like that dog? He's not skidding his turns. Don't tear your trails up, boys.

  16. Specialized Pitch.. Very narrow bars? What are BikeRadar riding with, 1000mm??

  17. What do you reckon about the carrera vengeance for the purpose of a downhill and jump bike because I find it is a seriously good bike for being really good with being balanced when in the air whilst I'm on a rhythm section and also so much grip and stability on a big burm but the main factor is the way the bike builds up speed it's not even a joke how much ground you can cover so quickly and easily with so few rotations of the pedals basically the best thing I've ever purchased in a long time and it is no doubt a good investment for the money spent

  18. ariel alejandro aguilar

    can i find this bikes in the US?

  19. That VOODOO model is a spitting image of my GT 27.5 Avalanche Sport 2016

  20. Shivam Gaming

    i want to buy a bicycle bit which one the mountain bike or sport bikes??? please reply quick

  21. I went into a MTB shop today asking for advice on a first bike and I was recommended a Marin Bobcat trail 4 (29er) at a price of £650, what do you think?

  22. Am looking to buy my first ever MTB to ride mainly trails/woodland. As it's a first bike I'm looking for a maximum budget of £500, any recommendations?

  23. How come the Scott Aspect 940 2016 hasnt got a remote lockout fork like it does in this video? The ones i see have a manual lockout, where do i get the remote lockout one?

  24. Vicente Cifuentes

    hello and giant talon 3 2017 this is not best?

  25. Ahmed Abdul-Qader

    Can you do best used mtb for under £600

  26. Scott Tomlinson

    this just shows voodoo bikes are very capable and dont deserve the bad feed back

  27. Maffiagames Maffiagames

    what is the name of this moutenbike

  28. mohammad asyraf

    Alll the bikes in the video at Malaysia all that bike below RM2000 myr

  29. So which one is the best?

  30. xspaceturtlex

    Hey i need some help I'm 14 and I'm looking to get a new bike I ride trails with up hills down hills flats and different kinds of each I can't decide weather to get the Scott or the canyon. I currently have a XC mtb and I've noticed that going over drop offs due to the XC style I tend to be quite far over the handle bars for what I would like.

  31. surojit sengupta

    Can you test and review a few Indian 'Rodeo' bikes?

  32. why no rockhopper sport?

  33. mikey o brien

    whyte 603 apple 525

  34. Is a Specialized 650 B good for a beginner 13 year old

  35. tom Summerland


  36. I don't know why you say old schools geometry is bad when it is not!

  37. Chris Dalayap

    What was the last bike?

  38. Elliott hutton

    I have a 2015 voodoo bizango. Its a great bike and i bought it based on its great reviews. However ive had a few problems. At the moment its with the rear wheel and drop outs. The wheel has bent allowing the tire to rub on the frame. I think i'm riding it too hard as my real passion is fast and hard downhill. Is there anything i can do to the rear end to improve its performance under tough conditions?

  39. What about Giant Revel 29er? As far as I researched this model has the best value for money on the market.

  40. I had the pitch for a while about 2 years and I would not recommend it

  41. Is the scott xc orientated ?

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