Best Mountain Bikes Under £1500

Best Mountain Bikes Under £1500


We gathered a load of the best MTBs we could find for under £1500. Whether you’re in the market for a full-suspension or a hardtail, fully rigid plus bike or XC charger, we’ve got some truly exceptional recommendations.


  1. Can someone give me an opinion between the FUJI Reveal 1.1 27.5, 2×10 spend and the 2017 Motobecane Hal5 COMP 27.5/650B, 2×10 spend.
    I only want to spend around 1300 dollars, Thank you

  2. ns bikes djamboooooo

  3. Can you please tell me what the last bike's name is, pls? I can't really hear it…

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  5. what about the Boardman fs pro 140mm rockshox pike full sus sram gx for £1500

  6. In Australia there's a place called bicyclesonline and there selling an 1800 dollar 27.5+ hardtail with rockshox yari, deore m605 brakes, dropper post, 1×11 drivetrain xt m8000

  7. what about the canyon spectral al 5.0 ex. its got a 1×11 , fox suspension in the front and rear and a dropper post.
    a lot of the comments below an pointed towards that bike.
    meybe you can review it.

  8. We will take Jerusalem

    What's the difference between full suspension and only front ones ? Beginner here

  9. FullMetal Jesus

    commencal meta ht?!

  10. FullMetal Jesus

    orbea loki?

  11. anthony casserly


  12. An improvement would be putting bike names in order in the description!

  13. Would've loved to see the Commencal Meta HT AM Essential (or the Origin model even)

  14. I own the Cube and can attest that it's a cross country weapon. It's a great race day bike and I still enjoy riding it when I'm not racing. But when it comes time to hit unfamiliar trails, the full suspension bike is my weapon of choice.

  15. Are you going to review a orbea Loki 27.5+ any time soon?

  16. Check out the Scott scale 765/965!

  17. Uummm, orange crush ??

  18. You've tested niche bikes and overlooked old favourites at this price point. Where are the Whyte 901 and Orange Crush S?

  19. That Trek is Appealing

  20. Ordered the Stache 5 for commuting to university two weeks ago, live in Luleå Sweden and "winter is coming" so wanted 29+ for comfort. Had no interest into mountain biking initially. The bike will come next week. Now I have watched hundreds of mtb videos all over youtube and have never longed for something as hard as to get my stashe 5 and start riding all over the plays 😀

  21. What is the difference between a trail bike and a cross country bike? Or maybe the difference between who uses one or the other?

  22. can you test some fuji mountain bikes. Preferably full suspension but on the lower price point. I feel like they offer great bikes for a great price point but I want to know how they feel.

  23. Lots of critics in the comments today, for what it's worth I liked the reviews and love the Norco's. Great bikes

  24. i CANNOT WAIT FOR THE 2000 POUND PRICE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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