BEST MOUNTAIN BIKES / Top 10 MTB 2017 Part 1

BEST MOUNTAIN BIKES / Top 10 MTB 2017 Part 1


Top 10 dual suspension Mountain bikes 2017 by BlackDiamond. This video showcases the latest bikes and their technology like SRAM Eagle.

Video topics BlackDiamond covers :
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The MTB are based on MY OWN OPINION, so comment below if you think I missed any worthy mountain bikes. The video includes these MTB: Canyon spectral, canyon strive, yt capra, YT Jeffsy, specialized stumpjumper and enduro yeti sb6 giant reign mandraker dune carbon commencal and many more in the other videos.

This video is protected by Fair Use, whereby the imagery and visual elements are used in a transformative mannor. Only a small portion of the original material is used for a transoformative purpose. All original material has been substantially re-edited and paired with copyright free music resulting in a transformative video. All credit goes to original owners. If you have any issues, feel free to message me and I will get back to you immediately to resolve the issue.


  1. that ridiculous music in background

  2. Team oh les gars riding Crew

    Cool 👍

  3. George Bolland

    Top 3: 1 – Mondraker Dune, 2 – Yeti SB6, 3 – Giant Reign Advanced

  4. Rip ur wallet

  5. Alexander Aguilar Garcia

    You price is heigh in gold

  6. Mihalis Paputsidis

    idk why everyone, besides people in the US, aren't riding canyons.. they're just so beautiful and such a better deal than practically every other bike brand. Canyon please, SHIP TO THE UNITED STATES SOON!!!!!

  7. you can piece these bikes together off pinkbike for half the cost.
    i think these are corporate sponsors and old men only.

  8. Ricardo Jose Dorado

    29+ please

  9. xouu myitö bomm

  10. Ben Breshears

    Would be nice to talk about the bikes pro/cons.

  11. Intense Cycles Official

    Thanks for Including the Recluse. Just FYI, the Factory model shown is $9,499 USD. Foundation models start at $4,599 USD.

  12. Bogdan Saliuk


  13. Ive spent months educating myself on bike security….just for protecting a couple bikes worth a few hundred dollars each….SHIT!!!….Now Im gonna put all this to good use and become a Bike enthusiast first, and then apply all this to becoming a BIKE THEIF!##👍👍👍😁😒. thankx for the education😁😁😁

  14. Giutubo Spatubo

    Ridiculous prices!!! Unless you make a living out of cycling, paying 8 grand and over is just stupid. Even 4 grand is silly. Two years ago I bought a 400cc brand new Honda motorcycle for 4,000. That is 2 motorcycles for the price of a mountain bike!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid….. Sorry… But the cycling industry is ripping people off big time!!!!!


  16. great vid !

  17. Benjamin Malave

    Those prices are absurd.

  18. Canyon strive Cf and the YT are the standout's in my list. Great value, and very good handling bikes.

  19. almost all bikes use the same mechanics O.o

  20. This is part 1. Please don't dislike the video because your preferred bike isn't in it. There are currently 4 other videos and more to come.

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