EPIC DAY! huge shout out to stranger co for the new setup and keeping me situated! after getting a new bike I went to santa monica and had an awesome sesh with some homies from canada!



  2. victoria staab

    can you send me a bike

  3. bike lives matter lol

  4. I always see u doing shots were you're riding away from the camera it must be annoying to have to go back and pick it up😂

  5. Watch everyday, never gets old keep it up! 🙂

  6. Long Dolorido

    please give me away bmx bike please… it was my dream since i was 4 years old. 😞 pleaseee😊☺😍😳

  7. Where is the store located? I want to go.

  8. jester villacortar

    hello john hicks where is your old bmx bkie ?
    can gift me a bmx bike on my birthday ? im JW Bultron Vcorta my birthday is may12 on this may 12 ilove u bro ……….can u plss donate yur old bmx bike for me plss hahaha because my bike is not bmx hahaha plss

  9. Tikller the gamer

    song plesssss

  10. ZachTheGamer 812

    So that's why you got expensive ass bikes…

  11. who just saw the last live stream

  12. can you give me a bmx bike please

  13. John Hicks you are the best !🚴🏽

  14. Jesus Serrato

    Hey dude, what shoes do u use?

  15. DreKreations.

    I want to get a bike what brands should I look for?

  16. The kid in the white and red striped shirt reminded me of "where's Waldo"

  17. Steven Guzman

    What's a good beginner setup

  18. mr john hicks,I you understand what I wanted to say but please,I can't do these things without you,its very hard to start just like what I've proposed to because I'm that cool like you,I mean,I don't have money to start,i grew up fnajcally unstable and since i have a job,i cant still afford to have one even in a local version BMX,and i will take this granted to send this message to because a month or i might not have internet connection again,so please,five me a chance,all i wanted is to fulfill my dreams one time that i cant make it even when i grow old,so please mr john hicks,honestly,this is not about money,its all about fulfilling my dream,please please please(09951603662)if only you know me better,hod knows who i am,i wish you can feel from your heart what im trying to say,godbless,i will wait for your response,thank you very much

  19. Acid Blast999

    Anyone think he looks like OpTiC Nadeshot?

  20. can you do bmx giveaway ? :DDD i really want to win a bmx

  21. El cucuy Por la mañana

    Sick video 👍🏽

  22. Hasan Mujallid

    guys.. i need a good beginner bmx bike.. im 160cm tall and i need it to ride it in streets and parks

  23. jman.sanchez805

    come to las vegas when ever you have the chance and ride with me and my BROTHER

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